Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sample Society Makeup Box - July 2013 Review

Hello again!

We're back with some very exciting reviews on the Sample Society Makeup Box for July 2013. Sorry kiddos- but this was probably one of my least favorite boxes of theirs to date. 

First up- this little eye shadow trio which was a big letdown in terms of color.  Vincent Longo Eyeshadow Trios-Sweet Melody- the colors look pretty much as they appear here- a green pistachio like color, a horrible peachy pink that reminded me of big chew bubblegum and lastly, this darker purplish tone, that no matter what I tried to mix it with, was just not working.  I wish they had sent out the autumn set, which had colors that I think would have worked with just about everyone. 

Next-  Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper Deluxe Sample- the color was more of a light mauve (called Tokyok) , and was not the best shade that I could have used on my lips- also it tingles, which at first felt cool like chap stick  but after awhile, once it really didn't go away- felt just plain ole' weird. I am guessing that is the plumping part of the whole song and dance- but again, not that great of a product for me. 

The third product- Lavanila Pure Vanilla Deluxe Sample-SS- gross- vanilla- my least favorite scent for any sort of lotion, soap, or perfume. But I know this will find a good home, and will find plenty of people to pass this along to when I'm home next month. 

Fourth product- Tres Pure Face Tonic_SS- according to the bottle you are supposed to apply this to your face day and night after cleansing, It doesn't have much of a scent, and pretty much felt like I was throwing fancy water on my face, who knows- maybe in a week, my face will look off the charts fantastic. Ps- I loved the person's review who felt that it was like salad dressing in smell. 

Lastly- Dr. T's Supergoop! Advanced SPF 37 Eye Cream SS- ugh- another loser for this box. The smell is just horrible- very strong smelling of sunscreen lotion and since there are a billion eye creams out there that DON'T smell badly, this is just one that will be passed along to someone else or end up in the bottle of my sample drawer for our guests when they come to visit (my guests get some hoity toity samples - we are just that kind of place). Also- it did not blend in easily at all- and was pretty flaky. It just sat there on my face. 

So that's it folks, the July box from Sample Society- a total disappointment overall, Hopefully August will be killer. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ipsy Sample Bag Review- July 2013

As my pasty white skin can attest- I've never really been a beach person. Once I'm there- I love it, but you don't often find me saying, "oh let's go to the beach." That is- until we moved to a place that has no ocean in sight and suddenly this summer in the midst of this incredibly ridiculous heat wave, I find myself wishing I could feel that ocean air on my skin.

We are in fact, going home next month and if time will have it, I'd like to find myself a little spot in the sand and that's where this month's Ipsy bag comes into play. It was beach theme! It probably was also, one of my favorite bags to date- I loved EVERYTHING in it. 

So let's get started.

First up- the bag! Amazingly cute and pink! It's the perfect little plastic bag to just throw in your adorably cute beach tote (note to self- buy incredibly cute beach tote for the trip).

The first item in this month's Ipsy bag was Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub which I am now obsessed with for my face. I used it this week and just loved how my face looked afterwards, but would definitely suggest you only use this once a week. A huge plus- it smells incredible! I usually find most scrubs for the face don't have the best scent but this one rocked a great lemony, citrus scent.

The second item in this month's Ipsy bag was mineral sunscreen moisturizer by Coola which I had never heard of before. It was unscented which is always a big plus when I find that light sunscreen scent is always there in sunscreen moisturizers. It also dried very quickly and didn't leave a greasy feel to my face.  I used it this week under my makeup and did like it quite a bit, but am saving this for my little beach day.

The third item in this month's Ipsy bag was by big sexy hair yet again. They really love sending out the big sexy hair products and with the exception of that dry shampoo volumizing crap I have loved everything they have sent my way with this brand. They can just keep sending them, because I have bought the products after trying them, and love to save the travel size ones for my trips. The product this month was weather proof resistant spray to combat the frizz. My hair can become a hot mess in the summer with the curl to it, and frizz is just a matter of life, but this may just be the answer. I loved it when I wore it out this week, and plan on buying a bigger bottle.

The fourth item in this month's Ipsy bag was an eye shadow trio by BH Cosmetics. It was their California Collection sampler, and it's perfect. There are three shades a dark purple (just darling for night), a bronze, and a gold. The bronze which was named San Francisco had me a little weary at first, but loved it on my eyes. The purple (named Hollywood) is SO pretty, and the gold (named Malibu) when mixed with something to just tone it down a bit, was another hit. I love this little eye shadow sampler which I think would look good on any skin tone. 

The last item in this month's Ipsy bag was by Pop Beauty Cosmetics. This was my second item from them in an ispsy bag, and I really do have to check out their products more. The first was a great little mascara, and this month's item was a pouty pop crayon in coral crush. At first, I thought this was going to be a disaster, and it is BRIGHT on me, but I toned it down with another shade of lipstick and it lasted forever! 

So what did everyone else think of their July Ipsy bag????

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sample Saturday- Amlactin Moisturizing Body Lotion

I won this!

Welcome back to sample Saturday folks! This week's sample was a surprise for me to find in the mail. It was from Amlactin, and according to the insert I had won the sample through one of their facebook page sweepstakes. I don't remember doing the sweepstakes, but a free item is a free item.

According to their website, the Amlactin Moisturizing Body lotion is fragrance free, non-greasy, and long lasting. I have been using it the last few days, and am just not impressed. Not even in the slightest. First, it's not fragrance free- when I first took a whiff of it, it did have a semi clean scent to it, but after awhile it starts to have a weird smell. I couldn't place it at first, and then it hit me- it smells like Elmers glue. Elmer's glue! No one but a kindergartner wants to smell like that. Second, it's really not long lasting. Third, it was greasy. VERY greasy, as in wake up in the middle of the night to wash it off my hands greasy. Did it make my skin particularly soft and well moisturized? Not really. It certainly wasn't impressive by any means. So final verdict: skip this product!

Next on Sample Saturdays- primers! Get excited.

Monday, July 15, 2013

What's Cooking - Pinterest Bacon Egg Cups

Awhile back I had pinned a recipe for bacon egg cups thinking it would be the perfect little thing to put together if we were to have some people over the house for breakfast. However, since we live pretty much away from everyone we know, the opportunity to make said bacon cups didn't occur until last weekend when my parents and sister came into town for a visit.

My sister is obsessed with B&B's. I mean, OBSESSED with them. She stays at them all the time whenever she goes up to Maine, so whenever she comes to visit, it's become something of a joke that I try to make her stay akin to staying in one. The first night she was here, I made my special home fries planning on waking up at the crack of dawn to make the bacon egg cups and have this amazing little breakfast spread all out for her when she awoke. I was going to be the best little host ever, she would be amazed by the breakfast, and they all would marvel about the little meal I had just put together.  That. did. not. happen. I slept in the next morning, BUT the next day I was determined to wake up early and wow them with my breakfast skills.  So without further adieu, I bring you- bacon egg cups!

To start- and I can't stress this enough- this is probably one of the easiest recipes I have ever done that tasted absolutely amazing, and looked like so much more work went into it.

Things you need:

Milk ( not included in the recipe, but I added it to the eggs)
Cheese (I had to use Parmesan cheese)
Muffin Tin

All the ingredients
 Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Next, whisk together the eggs and milk. Then add in the Parmesan cheese or whatever cheese you are using for the recipe, if you are using any at all. Add the salt and pepper and whatever spices you like to spruce up your eggs. This recipe can really be made into anything that you want. Feel free to add veggies like peppers or onions.

All mixed together
 Then, take the bacon strips and wrap them around the muffin cups. Be sure to use some nonstick spray before using the bacon.


 After you have placed the bacon in each of the cups, I put a couple potatoes at the bottom of each cup.

Home fries from previous day. 
 Pour the egg mixture into each cup to about the halfway point.
ready for some oven heat 
 Bake in the oven for thirty to thirty five minutes, until the tops of the egg cups are golden and aren't moving about.

oh my goodness.......
Remove the egg cups from the muffin tin, and serve warm. I used one of my favorite trays to serve up this delicious meal.

So there you have it- bacon egg cups. Easy and delicious! My sister absolutely loved them, as did my husband, and it was amazing to sit outside in our three seasons room and eat them in the morning. It really made for a perfect start for our day.

B&B's ain't got nothin' on me.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ipsy Sample Bag Review - June 2013

My Ipsy bag arrived last week and I was ecstatic to find all sorts of new goodies that I had never tried before. This is why I love Ipsy so much- you really get to try different brands without taking too much of a cost risk. There are simply so many beauty brands out there, that at times it can be overwhelming, and while you may want to buy everything, the risk of buying something doesn't always quite work out that well for you. I love that for $10 a month I can try new brands and products worth many times over the cost of the bag. 

The theme this month was on the wild side. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag this month- what a fabulously fun print. I may have to start giving some of these bags away because between the sample society boxes and all these bags, I could be on my way to my very own episode of Hoarders. 

NYX Cream Blush- First up was the cream blush, which at first glance looked like a darker peach. I've been trying out cream blushes more and don't know why it took me so long to experiment with them, they always seem to last longer. I tried this blush hoping that I blend it in enough to look like a lighter peach shade on my pale skin, but it was a no go. This is very creamy and easy to apply, a wonderful consistency, but it was just too dark for me. My sister will be getting this in her box of goodies next week when she comes to visit (she's very lucky to have darker skin because she's making out quite well with some of my samples). If you haven't tried any NYX products, you really need to try them- for the price they are an amazing value. Ulta seems to be always running sales on their products.  This is valued at $6.

Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner with Brush Built-In by Cailyn Cosmetics- Another gel eyeliner, but I love it! It's adorable together, the little brush and container, and since I always have such a hard time applying eyeliner due to my shaking hands this was greatly appreciated. The color was oddly in purple, which I thought was a strange color to send out in the bags, but it went on so smoothly. I have to keep practicing with the brush, it was odd since at first glance I thought what the heck am I going to do with the purple eyeliner, but when you put it on its really not that purple since its so dark, it could be really great for a night look. Either way, the brush is great, and I could use it with other colors.  Retail value of this product is $21. 

Eyelash and Eyelash Glue By J. Cat Beauty- This was one of two products from this brand. I tried these on tonight, and thought they were easy enough to apply, I think I've worn fake eyelashes maybe twice in my life and both times they were applied by professionals, but these worked great, and for a first time trying it out were easy enough. Retail value of this product is $3.59.

Sparkling Cream Palette by J. Cat Beauty- The second product by this brand was met with a little less fanfare. I played around with the colors tonight when I couldn't sleep and am wondering when I ever am going to use this product. It goes on very sporadic at first, like you just got some random pieces of glitter stuck on your eyelid, I thought it would be thicker and go on like a heavier eye shadow cream, but it didn't. It was creamy, but went on differently than I had hoped. This could be a good going out look, but don't see me getting much use out of it. The retail value of this product is $4.59 and I have to say that I am still curious to try the jewel tone palette that they also sell on the site. 

Lip Pencil by Starlooks- This came in Tickle Me Pink, and boy it was pretty bright. It actually reminded me of a bright salmon color, but with some blending with another shade, really looked good. This was definitely a quality pencil, glided on very smooth, and lasted for quite a bit of time. I'll have to check out more of their products. The retail value of this product is $12.

The total value for this bag was $47! Great value like always! Overall this bag was interesting, definitely gave me some things to try that aren't in my comfort zone of makeup, but they were fun to experiment with tonight. Definitely not everyday use makeup, but may wear some of it at an upcoming night wedding this summer. 

What did everyone else think of their June Ipsy bag?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sample Saturday-Seventh Generation Facial Cloth

As anyone can attest, I'm pretty addicted to getting free samples. One, because who doesn't love to get free stuff and two, it's better than only getting bills in the mail.

A small envelope arrived from Target last week with a sample of one of Seventh Generation's personal care products. I've had limited experience with Seventh Generation- I've ordered a few of their products from Vitacost, but love how they work and that they are also green products. I thought it was interesting that they were expanding their brand to personal care products. According to the package this is the first skincare line to be certified USDA biobased. There sample was a facial cleansing cloth in mandarin scent.

I am a big fan of facial cloths because sometimes you just feel lazy and want the quickest possible way to wipe down your face before popping into bed. Upon opening the package, I noticed that it really didn't have much of a scent, which was disappointing because I love any kind of citrus scent. Give me something that smells like oranges or lemons any day of the week, because I always equate citrus scents to being clean and reminding me of summer. While using it on my face, you do start to notice a very faint citrus smell, it reminded of me of my vitamin C facial cloths that I bought from beautyencounter some time ago. I did like this cloth, my face felt refreshed, and it didn't irritate my skin. I would definitely recommend it and am going to check out what else they have to offer in their skincare line.

Has anyone else tried any of the beauty products from Seventh Generation? What did you all think????

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sample Society Box June 2013 Review

My June sample society box was the first box to arrive this month. I know I keep saying this, but I love how fast they do arrive on my doorstep. It's definitely a fabulous little way to start off each month.

This month had to be one of my favorite months, and it wasn't because I got to try new products that I never had tried before, but because they sent me REPLACEMENTS for two favorites in my makeup kit! I know the purpose is to often try new things for me, but getting two things I already love just made my day!

Shall we begin???

Diptyque Eau Moheli-0.6 oz.-SS - I'll start with the worst part of the box- this product. In my first review of Sample Society where I discussed the pros and cons I had encountered so far with this sample box, I mentioned that apparently they sent this out quite a bit as a product. This is now my second sample of this overpriced, and horribly smelling perfume. Well, its not horrible smelling, that may be a bit harsh, it's just too heavy for me. My mom gets this added to her goody bag. 

Illume Desert Tulip Tin- This was so adorable!!! I loved the cute little packaging for this product and the smell is really fantastic, a light floral. My husband liked it, and it will most likely be burning next week when my family is in town to visit with us. I would definitely buy a full size for this candle and may just do that this month with my sample society discount , or just another small size like this one to bring with me when we travel. Also can I just say that the full size glass is so pretty with that print! It's a decoration in itself!

Murad Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser-1 oz.- I'm pretty much obsessed with Murad products. Everything that I have ever tried for them just is golden in my book, and this replaces the cleanser that I recently used the last of. I love how clean it smells, and how most of their products seem to not be heavy on scent. I just wish their products weren't so expensive. I buy anything by them and I ration it out like crazy.

Philosophy Hope In a Jar- I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Philosophy as previously noted in another post. I do like how this product works, but I just can't get past the scent- it's a strong pine scent- which is probably up there as one of my least favorite scents! It's a pretty strong smell, even my husband has commented on it when I crawl into bed. Maybe to someone else this wouldn't be as offensive, as I'm sure there are some people out there that love the pine scent, I just wish this came in a different scent, because although it works, I find myself not wanting to use it. My mom gets this as well as well next week (as well as a practically full size one that I jumped ship on last month). 

Stila Cosmetics Lip Glaze-Apricot-Deluxe Sample- I am in love with Stila products, and this lipstick. I already have a full size of it, that I keep in my purse, but like most people when they switch out purses, it sometimes gets left behind. So now I have a small little spare. This is seriously one of my favorite lip glazes, it's a little sticky, but I love that it has just enough color to make an impact- hello gorgeous!

As I said earlier, this was definitely a great month because I just fell in love with that silly little candle, and two of my favorite products were replaced. Even the philosophy product wasn't a total letdown, because I know it will be used by my mom who I've been slowly trying to get her to try new products. 

What did everyone else think of the Sample Society June 2013 box?????

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goodies Sample Box June 2013 Review

Our fabulous little Goodies Sample Box arrived on Saturday. My husband texted me at work to let me know- my response: Don't touch it yet! I have to take pictures! 

We are horribly bad in that whenever we get the box, all the snacks go pretty much out the window that night as we try everything, Goodies box sometimes equals dinner in this house. Judge away.

Let's get to it!

Adobadas Chips by Frito Lay- these were pretty amazing! My husband was a really big fan of them, proven by the fact that he polished them off pretty quickly. I had a couple but it hits you with a little bit of spice at the end, and since I am a wimp when it comes to any sort of spicy food, my husband was able to enjoy in abundance, and there was no complaining in that regard coming from him. He said he would definitely buy them at the store. 

Cheddar Cheese Seaweed Crumbles by Gimme Health- This really should be by gimme something that actually tastes good.  I was excited when I saw this in our pack of goodies, since people have been raving about seaweed for a snack for quite a bit of time, I just hadn't around to trying it. Very glad I did not actually go out and buy a big bag of this, because it was just gross. Weird consistency, and my husband and I both simply said that it just tasted like we were munching on dry seaweed. This was definitely not for us, who knows there could be a really amazing brand out there that does make seaweed taste delicious, and if you know of any feel free to sound off in the comments. 

Dream Water NightTEA Night by Sarpes Beverages- This little bottle definitely intrigued me- according to the packaging you are supposed to take it a half hour before scooting off to bed, and promises a delightful, worry free sleep, and wake up refreshed, etc, etc. I tried it last night, and was out like a light in about twenty minutes. Did I wake up feeling super refreshed? Not really, but I felt rested. It also has a bit of a weird taste to it, which leaves a funky after taste in your mouth. 

Apple, Raspberry, Peach, Chia & Acerola by Smooch Snacks- I saw this and my first thought was that they were sending me a kid snack, which I imagine it definitely could be. I decided to try it right away, and when it first hit my mouth, all I could think was that I was drinking baby food, and then I thought runny applesauce. My husband just thought it was weird, so I thought maybe it would taste better after being in the fridge for a bit, maybe firm up a bit and become more slushy in consistency. No, this was not the case, it did not firm up or gel together more, it just tasted like colder baby food. A great flavor, but weird for me, not to say that if I did have kids, I wouldn't buy it for them. I thought of all my little cousins who would probably have a field day drinking this. 

Highland Shortbread by Duchy Originals- These were very delicious. My husband loves shortbread, so he was thrilled when I passed it over his way after having a bite. 

Pringles Stix Cheese by Kellog Company- I am in love with these. I love pringles, I love cheese sticks, so this was a match made in heavenly food matrimony in my opinion. My husband was not as thrilled about them, but I couldn't stop eating them. Delicious!

So that's it folks- Goodies Box June 2013. What did everyone else think of it?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Finale

Sadly, season six has now ended of Mad Men which means we only have one more season left of the entire show. I really enjoyed this episode as a season finale, it definitely laid the groundwork for new plots and directions of the show and gave it that fresh start feel that each season manages to bring. Honestly, it reminded me very much of the finale in season 3 which is one of my favorite episodes.

So let's begin.....

Random Thoughts As I Watched the Episode 

We start off with Stan and all his glory, and it was nice to see Stan really trying to make a move in his career, he does come of as very laid back, so it was interesting to see him proposing the idea of a CA office and he being the one to get the ball rolling.

"It's like Detroit but with palm trees."- haha

Margaret annoys me. She annoyed me as angst ridden teenager on the show and she still annoys me. She's all kissing up to the same man that a few weeks earlier told him he would no longer be able to see his grandson.

"What do I have to do to get on the list of girls you give money to?" Oh burn. She is no Sally Draper, she knows her father inside and out.

  However, I am in love with her plaid dress.

The agency has their own mugs. Fancy.

Next client is Hershey, this is the second client from PA where last season they were in deep with Heinz.

I love Pete venting about Detroit saying the airport is like Calcutta. Pete is turning into the new Roger with his zingers and one liners.

Ken- thank god you are not dead, and if anyone can pull off that eye path- it's you.

Best Roger Line- "It's all fun and games until someone gets shot in the face."

Bob is a tricky little one, but I am in full support of his platonic relationship with Joan, I may be naive in thinking this but I do not believe there is malice behind it, and thought it was cute that he brought back Kevin a little car.

Again, I know I've mentioned this in earlier episodes, but once again Mad Men does not sugarcoat the holidays and shows them in all their emotional, dysfunctional glory.

Don talking to the Minister -"I'm doing fine, Nixon is president, everything is back just the way Jesus wants it to be." Oh hunny...you are so naive.....

Love Uncle Mack's line when he kicked out the preacher from the brothel- "I would say go to hell but I never want to see you again." classic.

I thought the line that the ultimate sin is to believe God cannot forgive you. This is definitely Don, he never faces down any of his problems, if he's good at one thing its beginnings, and running. He wants to run this episode again, away from work, NY, issues with his daughter. He never believes that anyone will ever forgive him for anything, and never gives them time to, partly because he never thinks they will, and partly because to forgive is to love, and he never has believed he was worthy of that. He has never believed anyone would love him enough to forgive him, so he runs.

Don wakes up in jail- yup he's hit rock bottom.

Ted's wife definitely gave Peggy a look as she paraded herself in that fabulous coat, and kids in front of Peggy. One thing Peggy craves is a family, as much as she is a modern woman, she still wants a family, and is jealous of so many that do.

Oh no, Pete's mother is lost at sea. I do believe they should forbid any of the Campbell clan from traveling. His father died in an airplane crash, his mother fell over the side of a boat, and Peter is a disaster at driving. They were not meant for travel.

Sally is looking all 1960's Connecticut preppy in that sharp little cardigan as she gives her father lip.

I will give Megan one thing, as she confronted Don the next morning when he woke up in jail, she definitely has some fight in her, she definitely speaks up more than Betty ever did, which shows generational differences. However, sometimes you look at her and think she's just as naive.

"I've gotten out of control."- Don. Damn right you have. and oh, what's this? You want to run again, surprise, surprise. Not like we didn't see this coming, and then he steals Stan's lines about going out there, and of course that would appeal to Don. That idea that once again he can start over, that the west offers a clean slate, you can be pioneers and really build a life for yourself. But he has a life here, he just doesn't want to deal with it. It also shows how once again Don is losing his touch, stealing ideas, just reciting lines playing the part of Don Draper. He tells her that they were happy there, that they could be happy again. Escapism once again.

Joan's suit in the meeting where Don tells them he is going to CA is wonderful. Ted has a point, everyone else has to jump through hoops, and have ideas be discussed, except Don- he can just run with whatever he wants.

So the nurse married Pete's mom- total con artist. Pete was being harsh on Bob but honestly Bob is a con artist in his life that he made up for himself, and so he looks very suspicious to have suggested the male nurse to Pete.

Oh damn Peggy rocking those boobs and tights and I love her little move of going in to say she was taking off early. Ted's wife sashayed in front of her what she doesn't have, so she sashayed her goods to Ted.

"Chanel number five. It's all I wear." so good. Vixen by night. love it.

I want that car, it is amazing. Pete doesn't know how to drive, and I love how Bob got his revenge on him by making a fool of him in front of Chevy. Pete does not have the upper hand as he would like to think.

Ted waiting for Peggy. " Get inside before my neighbors kill you." He went to her apartment, and I loved his outburst:

"I don't know why women do anything!" He's in love with her, and cut to kissing and Peggy locking her door which cracked me up.

I thought the conversation between Betty and Don really showcased how far Betty has come. In the past she always seemed to call Don in hysterics whenever something happened, but she's very cool and calm saying their daughter was suspended for buying beer with a fake ID (like father like daughter). Betty did still make it about her, but it wasn't all about how it embarrassed her (well with her mother in law not wanting her to know, which is understandable that mother in law is from hell). She's also not blaming Sally, saying oh she's doing this to hurt me, etc, shes so calm stating that Sally needs more than she can give her. I thought it was interesting to note that she mentioned she tried to think of all the things that her mother would have done, but it wasn't enough. Betty is realizing that so much of what her mother drilled into her in how to be a woman, and how to live, isn't enough for her either. I felt this was a small way of acknowledging that her own mother failed in some ways with her, and didn't give her enough of the tools to be grownup.

So now Ted wants to run too, he and Don are not that different, and Don turns him down. Once again, someone is coming to Don for help, being in a situation that is very similar to one that he was in, and he turns them down. His brother did it, Lane did it. Ted is running from Peggy and maybe it will work. He should leave so she can be with Stan. There is such a desperation in Ted's voice when he says its his only chance. Don recognizes that, that desperation to disapear.

Ted saying I can't throw this away, I have kids. Ted wants to run with his kids, Don always wants to run away from his kids, and when he doesn't at the end of the episode, there is growth. Maybe like Ted, he knows that his kids may be the glue that keeps him together in this crazy world. Maybe Ted was right when he said to Don, I know there is a good man in there. It could have just been his plea, but part of me thinks he meant it, and I don't think Don has heard that much from people, not in a childhood where he grew up being told he was trash.

"It's too late Ted, my wife- they're writing her off the show." oooh foreshadowing of Megan.

Don in the Hershey meeting was just brilliant acting on the part of Jon Hamm, first his bs story about his dad in the store, and then when there was that raw emotion of telling them about being in the brothel, being an orphan and dreaming of being wanted, that feeling of being a normal kid. The Hershey bar symbolized so much for Don as a child.. The true story was more compelling, but isn't that often the case?

The look of shock on everyone's face was just unbelievable, Don Draper finally opening up, so I guess they can rule out Harry's theory from the first season that he was found under a rock, and could be batman for all they know....

"Happy Thanksgiving, sweetheart." a true affectionate moment to Dawn. He too is an outsider.

Poor Peggy, once again her heart is broken, so sick of her being the punching bag for pretty much everyone. She needs to catch a break in love. I thought it was heartbreaking when she said to Ted, "Well you are lucky to have decisions." She always feels trapped, and can't seem to get ahead in her personal life. She wants the freedom the men in the show have in running their own lives, sure she's been a trailblazer in her own right, but she is still limited. I do love how she wears that pantsuit in the end of the episode.

Pete and Bud talking to the investigator, hilarious how they were wondering if it would be worth it to find out the true situation of their mother's death. She was not a warm woman to either one of them, and now they are both free. Trudy said it best when she tells him that at the end of the episode

Megan looks like a pilgrim which made her comment about the children and how she used to pity them but now she knows they are in the same boat that much better. Megan is leaving, I really don't think she will be back, she was his rebound second wife. Three times may be a charm for Don in marriage.....well, maybe.

Then Don is fired, he is the golden boy no more, like his daughter he has been suspended, however unlike his  daughter he has no return date. Duck must have loved seeing him when he stepped out of the elevator.

"Going down?" and another great burn on the show.

A few thoughts about the thanksgiving scene at Joan's:

One, Bob in a apron is a riot
Two, I want Joan's amazing deep green dress, its perfect
and most importantly: They are playing MOON RIVER! One of my all time favorite songs. They could have ended the episode right there, and I'd be thrilled.

But they had to end it with Don, and let me just say, that the last scene of this episode was just purely beautiful and perfect, when they pulled up to Don's old house and he opened up to them. It's interesting to note that the last couple seasons, they had Heinz, and then Hershey two huge brands from PA, and Don himself grew up in PA, so it was in a way getting him to go back home. They were bringing him back to his past.   He told them this is where he grew up, and as Both Sides Now (another one of my favorite songs!) played that look that he shared with Sally was beautiful. He was saying he was sorry, he was saying I'm going to tell you about me now. It was a perfect scene, and for whatever gripes people had about season six (which I really did enjoy) that scene was just wonderful. Can't wait to see what is in store for Don next season as he finally confronts his past......

I don't think I've ever been more excited for a season to start.....2014 you are too far away!

PS I would really like it though if next season I see more of Joan in the show than just Johnny Walker commercials during the break.....thanks.

Until next year folks- I hope you enjoyed the recaps of Mad Men.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 11 Recap "Favors"

I know, I know- I didn't recap last week's episode. The reason being was that I was in Houston for a long overdue visit with some of my most favorite people, and when I came back, it was right back into work, and chaos, so the recap got a little lost in all that. But I am back, and will promise to recap the rest of the season which by the way, I can't believe is approaching so fast! Only a couple more episodes and were are done with season six and are onto the LAST season. I better find a new show to recap soon. So getting right into it....your recap and random thoughts

Random Thoughts as I watched the Episode:

I LOVE Peggy's green suit, she has been all about the kelly and emerald green this season, and I am all for it since green is my favorite color.

Roger drinking in the morning- classic.

"Not all surprises are bad"- Roger. Um, I am pretty sure most people in this episode would think all surprises are bad. Sally for sure on this one.

Oh lordy, Peggy and Pete's mother alone together- immediately I thought well this is awkward, Peggy sitting down talking to the grandmother of her child, a child that said grandmother has no idea even exists.

And she thinks Peggy is Trudy. Of course this is one time when her dementia is taking over, but she is actually speaking some truths in relation to Peter and Peggy having a baby. Peggy looks so uncomfortable and like she is about to burst into tears.

"Did she go to China for that tea?"- Peggy, waiting with Peter's mother. Hahaha!

Don walks in on Megan chatting with Mitchell. Mitchell is closer in age to Megan than Don and there is that generational difference. Don and Roger's generation had a very different view of American duty, while there is so much gray towards Vietnam.

"He can't spend the rest of his life on the run." Don about Mitchell wanting to run to Canada to avoid the draft. Again, his hypocrisy takes over, like he should even talk.

I Loved Ted, Peggy, and Peter drinking together, celebrating their victory in getting Cranberry (let the wars of the fruit juices begin). Peggy looking at both her past and possibly her future in the two men in front of her. However, surprised to say that my favorite moment of all this was not a moment between Peggy and Ted, but one of brutal, raw honesty between Peggy and Peter:

"Because you really know me."- Peter
"I do."- Peggy.

I thought this was such an honest, real moment, one of those moments when you connect again from someone in your past, and even though its all said and done and is staying in the past, there is that raw recognition that you do really know that person and maybe have forgotten to recognize that. Peggy's face when she responds that she does is both an affirmative but also one of wonder, as in wow, you are right, I do know you. You recognized that.

Betty fighting with Sally- teenage angst. Love Henry's line that the UN is a joke.

"Join this company and read a memo once and awhile."- Ted to Don. This season people are really starting to call Don out on his crap and his going rogue routine. They have all started to come into their own, playing the rules, and not playing the rules, but are all sick and tired of Don doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Sally meeting Mitchell. Oh I wouldn't for the world want to be a 13 year old girl again, but seeing those girls react to the older boy made me laugh about the excitement back then with those silly crushes.

I liked Don sitting down with Sylvia's husband at the restaurant. Its so odd, that Don has a male friend finally, someone who he does talk to in a non business setting. Ted is right when he calls Don out on not having many friends, and of course its the husband of the woman he is sleeping with, and the woman I'm sure that will be blowing all this to shreds soon.

I LOVE Peter's blue couch and green pillows. If anyone can find me one like this, let me know.

Ouch. Poor Peter, he was screwed up from the start. Never been a fan of his mother, and her whole you were always unlovable line was just brutal. It's always hard seeing the child who was treated the worst doing the most for the parent that treated them horribly, that endless cycle of unconsciously and consciously wanting their approval.

Peggy's apartment, she's still in that place and it looks like she caught a rat or a mouse. Blood is everywhere, and again there is that brutality coming into the show again. Blood from the rat race?

Peggy called Stan! Sadly, she gets turned down. But I loved their conversation and thought for a second he might just take her up on her offer to make it worth it for him to come over, and then accusing him of using his sexy voice. All of Stan's voices are sexy, Peggy. When you have a beard like that, all your voices sound hot.

That was one awkward dinner, but again it showed the division in the country towards Vietnam, the division about serving and not serving, and not just among the young, but these older men.

I thought it was good of Ted to help Don, and a nice way to call for a cease fire between them. Sylvia thanking Don was just hard to watch, and all I could think was please don't have them get back together, this woman will bring it all crashing down, because she's not exactly like all the other women he's been with, she has too much guilt inside, and if what happened at the end of the episode hadn't happened, I'm sure her guilt would have eaten at her and she would have confessed to her husband.

I was actually not surprised that Pete's mom was not sleeping with the nurse, but the mystery of Bob Benson has been solved. He's just in love with Peter Campbell, which means he has about as much sense as Peggy did in the first season about men. But how on earth, did he even think that Peter would go for it? Let's see how this one plays out for the rest of the season.

Um. how old is Sally? 13, maybe 14? and her friend is talking about going all the way. Um, no. Her portrayal of her embarrassment of being found out about having a crush on Mitchell was pretty spot on. When you're that age, you're pretty sure you will die if the boy you liked was to find out you liked him. She was sneaky getting the key from the doorman, but as soon as she grabbed that key I just knew it was going to get bad, and quickly.

and it did. Sally walked in on Don and Sylvia going at it, and again her future therapy bills pile up. What was that, Roger about not all surprises being bad? Suuuure.....

So now, for future reference, Sally has walked in on two sexual encounters- Roger and Marie in the Codfish ball episode and now this one.

What was that you were saying before about not really knowing your father, Sally? Do you really want to?

Also, Sylvia's punching the bed when they got caught was just ridiculous. Like a wailing Italian widow.

That dinner was so uncomfortable and Sally's outburst was long overdue. Megan saying Don was such a sweet man, no he is a frustrating man, who does nice things like that, but then consistently cheats on everyone who loves him.  Don having that meltdown was amazing acting by Jon Hamm. He tries to talk to Sally, but she doesn't open the door to him, and he closes the door when he reaches the end of the hallway, their relationship is changing again, and then it all goes to black..

Thoughts on this episode?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 9 Recap "The Better Half"

Mad Men tonight felt packed with events and I really enjoyed the episode. Shall we get right into it?

Random Thoughts As I Watched the Episode

Ah, the age old question continues, what is better margarine or butter? Hmm...let's get Peggy in here to pick sides in our little tug of war, then blast her out when she doesn't take your side, Don.

For as far as Peggy has come, certain men in the office definitely don't respect her, Peter's comment to Harry asking him if he was suddenly dumber than Peggy. Nice, Pete, real nice.

Megan's whole outfit in her soap scene was ridiculous. A red lace jumpsuit?Ugh, no and that wig is just horrific. 

Peggy's great line -"He's interested in the idea, you're interested in your idea." New Peggy has no qualms about telling Don off and telling him exactly how selfish he is, I keep expecting him to really just insult her like he used to, but he hasn't yet. He just looks at her stunned all the time probably wondering where the heck quivering little Peggy with her peter pan collars and ponytail went....

Oh hello Betty. You are looking fabulous in that yellow outfit, the man coming up to her while she waited reminded me very much of how Henry arrived on the scene hitting on her when she was pregnant with Gene. Betty loves the attention she is getting ahead, and needs an ego boost asking the guy if she looks like she has given birth to three children. For the record Betty- no you do not-but your hair is looking a tad bit on the ridiculous side and probably wouldn't move if you went through a wind tunnel.

Oh yes, Abe. You are ridiculous and dumb. We get it, you are so above everyone else with your morals, that you come off being a complete and utter jerk. Peggy tries to work with him about being stabbed and love her snarky comment about how she was brought to the west side by him.

Megan is in jeans- how far we have come from Betty being fully dressed from dinner- now Megan greets him in a tank top and jeans. Society is moving in a very casual direction. I'm not sure but she may be the first female we've seen on the show wearing jeans. 

I like how they had all the noise from the city in the apartment, the constant sound of the police sirens again noting how dangerous NYC was in 1968.

So Henry is jealous? Nope. just turned on, and he and Betty get it on in the limo. 

Joan may have had the funniest line of the night when Roger told her he was taking his grandson out to the movies and the zoo, "Oh so it's just a regular workday?" 

Couldn't help but think what people would say if Roger ever held Kevin up to his face, like when he put his grandson's face up against his and asked if they looked alike. 

Margaret definitely gave the side eye to Joan.

Eck. Duck and Peter in a room together, an apartment that was solely bought for cheating. The room just got sleazier, can't stand Duck.

Pete's response to a job opening in Witchita, "Anything back here on earth?" haha.

But who knew Duck would have some wisdom in him telling Peter to get his life and family back in order because that is his true source of his confidence. Peter's life is falling apart between moving out of his home and his mother being sick.

Ted is in love with Peggy. Called it. 

Don checking out Betty? Of course, she's not his anymore, he wants his toy back.  

I thought it was actually really cute when Betty was singing the song with Bobby- an actual maternal scene, and not sure if we would have seen it a few years ago with her constant annoyance at her children who she blamed for being stuck. She's in a happier place now, and no longer takes her frustration out on her kids.

As soon  as Don saw Betty acting all maternal I knew they were going to sleep together. Acting like a mother is one of Don's biggest turn ons.  Didn't Megan pretty much seal the deal of an engagement once she was calm about the kids spilling the milkshake. He has such mommy issues (among other things). But overall this was a really cute scene of the three of them together, and possibly one of the only times they have acted like a family unit. 

Back to the office with Pete asking Joan for some help and ending with Peter actually thanking someone (Joan) for their help. Wow, words you don't often hear come out of that mouth without sarcasm.

Traveling back to the camp once more, Don and Betty reminiscence and the differences in their childhood become apparent as Betty went to camps all summer and we know Don was too busy hanging out with hookers at brothels during his childhood.  Talking about your past with an ex is never a good idea-especially memories of making their first child......

Betty is loving the attention, and I'm sure it was very satisfying to her to have the upper hand in this situation, and know that she had one over Megan. She still needs her ego boost- and can't help but ask Don what he thought when he saw her again.

Who knew Betty would have such pearls of wisdom telling Don that she knows she can only have his attention for so long and then saying of Megan, "That poor girl- she doesn't know that loving you is the worst way to your heart." Betty nailed that one on the head.

Don wakes up alone,  and is quickly put in his place when he sees Henry and Betty eating breakfast together. Laughing and talking and having true intimacy, and he just gets to sit by himself in the corner-alone.

Margaret calling Roger to ream him out for taking her son to see Planet  of the Apes and now having nightmares  and when he tells her that Don took Bobby she was quick to snap oh Don Draper- father of the year. This will be Don Draper years from now being blasted by Sally for taking her child someplace inappropriate. 

"We'll probably have to get rid of the dog- he's that afraid of fur!" - Margaret

So Bob Benson is now part of Joan's life. She looks really  happy. Let's hope he's not a creep, she deserves something good after Greg. Of course Roger has to show up and almost ruin it, not sure if Bob bought the whole Roger explanation for him being there.

At first, I felt bad that Peggy stabbed Abe, but then what he said to her in the ride over in the ambulance that her activities were offensive to my every waking moment and that she'll always be the enemy (because she's in advertising) I pretty much hoped she would lean over and stick the knife in deeper.  What a jerk, he obviously didn't have objections to her activities bringing in cash and money to support them.  He only added to being a complete and utter jerk by saying their break up would be a great ending to his article. Good riddance, you are better off without him, Peggy- feel free to cry it out on Stan's beard.

Megan is just hanging out on the balcony in her underwear and her and Don has a semi heart to heart. He doesn't really open up, but who knows, maybe it will be better for a little while. We know Don can't really do long term.

Joan telling Roger that she can't count on him, women in this episode were really opening up and calling out their male counterparts on things. 

I thought for sure Bob was going to go to Peter and say something about Roger and Joan. But he didn't- so does he like Joan? He could have added fuel to that rumor, but instead went in to help Pete with his mother which we know was for selfish reasons, but he made sure to not have Peter get mad about Joan over saying anything. Can't figure that guy out!

Poor Peggy- rejected by Abe and now Ted- if the writers can indulge us in having Don and Betty sleep together again (which wasn't a huge shock) they can indulge us in Peggy and Stan getting together and making it work. 

So that's it folks. What did everyone else think of the episode? Anyone else have that Abraham song stuck in their head????

Clothes That I Want In My Closet

Peggy's cute little white hat. 
Peggy's polka dot dress
Her very fabulous red and white polka dot top 
Joan's purple dress
Megan's hair scarf
Joan's little beach outfit