Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birchbox March 2013 Review

Birchbox March 2013

So Birchbox, I know I said I was going to cancel this subscription, and I meant to...but then tons of things sort of hit the fan. This last month and a half has just been extremely hectic for this household, we are moving, I've been severely sick with no end in sight, so with hospital and doctor visits, packing and just overall upheaval, I never got around to actually cancelling my Birchbox subscription. 

My Birchbox arrived on Monday, and the theme for this month's box being March Madness. What is actually has to do with March Madness is beyond me. 

So without further adieu I bring you Birchbox's March box.

March Madness theme??? I don't see it.

The cure for lazy days?
Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo- value $12
This item was a disappointment  I've been hearing so much about dry shampoo products lately, they are all the rage. It is supposed to revive your hair if you haven't had a chance to shampoo it, and give you a quick get up and go look. I tried it this morning, and thought I would go without shampooing my hair for the day, but oh it was horrible.  It came out like white powder and instead of reviving my hair, all it did was make it look greasy and gross. It is supposed to take the oil out of your hair, but that didn't seem to work.  I washed my  hair as planned and this will end up in my random beauty things for my guests when they visit box.  This may work for someone else, but my hair is so thick and prone to oil that is just exacerbated the issue.

Mostly Empty Shaving Cream....cute packaging

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream- value about $3
In the March 2013 spoiler video from Birchbox, they showcased this product, and I was hoping it would be in my sample box. I was very happy to see it and used it this morning. The shaving cream smells lightly like blueberry- but the sample was pretty much empty. This is the second time that Birchbox has sent me a sample that was mostly air, and last time I said nothing, but this time I did write them to let them know it was an issue. Curious to see what they say about that, but overall, I loved this shaving cream, the area I was able to attack with the amount in the tube felt super smooth, and the scent was amazing. However with a full size price of $20- I will stick to my current shaving cream.

cute colors, for a cheap look 

Incoco Nail Polish Applique- value $9
These are nail polish strips that you can apply to your nails for a flawless manicured look. I thought they would be stickers, but they are in fact actually layers of nail polish- you can smell it as soon as you open the package. I like the colors that my set came in, and was curious to try them- they look like fun, a very summery look. I am horrible at painting my own nails, they always come out a mess, so I was hoping these would work out and be a blessing for me. However, they were a total bust. My nails are very tiny and even with stretching the nail polish they were difficult to cover even my pinky finger. Once that was all worked out, and one was on, I immediately took it off, it looked cheap. Really cheap.

In case you didn't know what an emery board looked like

Madewell for Birchbox Emery Board - value $5
This had a cute little floral print, but its an emery board. What can you even say about an emery board? 

The twistband

Twistband- value about $3
You guys may remember my rant about Birchbox's love of sending these out, and of course I had to get one this month. Even though people seem to love them, and say they are one of the best headbands on the market, I didn't see the big deal. It didn't even want to stay on my head. I felt that throwing in the twistband and emery board was pure laziness on the part of birchbox, just throwing in random things to fill up a box. 

oh Birchbox, its just not going to work out between us. This was the second date that I gave you even though the first date was a bust, and well, its not you, its...oh who am I  kidding, its you. It's definitely you. 

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