Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sample Society April 2013

April 2013 Sample Society Box

Hello again!

So I know I completely dropped the ball on reviewing the March box for Sample Society  (trust me, it was fab like always) and looks like this review will make it in just under the wire. I keep saying I will cancel this box, but then I get it, and just always love it, so for now, it's staying put.  For more information about the ins and outs of the sample society box check out my previous post here.

This month's box was one of my favorites yet- it was packed with goodies. Shall we get started???

one of the best makeup removers 
Borghese Gel Delicato Makeup Remover-0.5 oz. - okay this item is just amazing. I've been trying various makeup removers lately, and do really like the wipes (its easy for lazy days) but have to say that this item also made me think I should go in a different direction. It felt cool on the skin, wiped off the makeup easily, didn't leave my skin irritated, and I liked the smell. Will definitely be replacing this item once this little sample runs out. 

you better last me forever.....

Caudalie Premier Cru, The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Cream Sample Packette 2ML- I am in LOVE with Caudalie products. I had gotten a few samples from Sephora awhile back, and used every last drop of the under eye cream. It was amazing, and really helped diminish the puffiness and dark shadows. I was so excited to see this in the box, and have been using it every so sparingly because I want it to last and once you see the price tag on this baby you'll understand why....

CoTZ Face Natural Skin SPF 40 Deluxe Sample- This is a great little sunscreen. I thought it had a pleasant smell but was nervous about the darker tone. It did blend in nicely, which surprised me since my skin is so pale, but it felt a little greasy. I did like it, but wasn't in love with it.


Hanskin Premium Perfect Super Magic BB Cream SPF30 PA++, SS Deluxe Sample - This product was amazing. I've been looking for a perfect BB cream, and find that all the ones I keep getting a sample of are just too dark for me (why do we fill out the beauty charts if all they send all dark tones?)  so I was THRILLED to receive a BB cream that was for paler skin. At first, it came out a little dark, but once I blended it in, perfection. It really was a great primer for covering up my pores. This will definitely be a repeat buy. 

an incredible facial mask 

Hanskin Hydro Sheet Mask (23ml) Deluxe Sample SS-  A new mask to try! Tried it recently and loved how my skin felt after using it, not irritated and looking refreshed. 

cute prints!

Jane Tran Hair Accessory Assortment SS- cute little barrettes- not much to say about them, except that I liked the cute print on them.  They offer a great selection of other prints as well. Adorable, right?

Overall, I loved this bag, really loved it. They had so many great little things to try, and all things I have been curious about trying or on the hunt for the perfect one. They knocked it out of the park for this one for me, despite not having all super big sizes or even any full sizes, I was really happy with this box.

What did you all think of the April 2013 Sample Society Box?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mad Men Recap Season 6 Episode 5 "The Flood"

Random Thoughts As I Watched the Episode

Peggy is movin' on  up. Peggy is the one with the money and power, loved the real estate lady's face when she realized Abe was not in charge.

Abe- you look ridiculous. And dirty.

Oh Bobby is now actually doing something?  Was wondering why they even have him on the show with his Benjamin button habit of growing younger each year.

"Oh my goodness you really are good at everything." yup, that pretty much sums up Megan.

Glad we were able to view some more of Ginsberg's private life. It was sorta cute that he was set up, but could understand his frustration.

Peggy's dress is cute (I love the pink and green together), but she looks so young and insecure next to Megan and her full blow Hollywood glamour.

"Don't apologize Peggy- you deserve it." Yes Peggy, you sure do.

The guys are talking, but all you see is Joan. Joan- you are wearing the hell out of that cobalt blue dress.

Yup, Peggy definitely has a thing for her boss, and from that look he just gave her across the table, its definitely mutual.

Ginsberg on his date was so cute. "You smell great" and then just rambling about sex. Really funny.

What a way to address the Martin Luther King, Jr shooting. Joan crying, and just the shock in the room. The show always seems to find a way to address those big moments without it looking like a staged pop culture sixties show.

Pete called Trudy, how different it was from a few years before when JFK was shot and they came together as a couple. However, Trudy was going to wear that gorgeous blue cocktail gown to Margaret Sterling's wedding, and I noticed she had a blue dress on tonight. Very casual in contrast  but once again showing how far the characters have come in their lives. No more nights on the town for Trudy, she is comfortable in her suburban role.  She may be the only character on the show who is happy in her role (despite the marriage failing) but that was her ending it. Trudy is no fool.

And Megan won. Of course.

You know you're a complete jerk when you get into a fight with Peter Campbell and PETER is the voice of moral reason. I'm looking right at you Harry.

Most awkward hug ever. Joan hugging Dawn. Omg- Dawn's face.

Don trying to keep a straight face the whole time Randall was talking. Stan on the other hand, didn't even bother to cover his smirk and laughter.

Ginsberg's dad. What an archaic thing to say, the reason you have all these faults (not being able to cook, clean or sew) was because he was in need of a girl. Oh, that MUST be it.

LOL. "I'm not allowed to watch TV for a week. " oh okay. Let's take him to the movies. Planet of the Apes. Classic.

Perfect time to show the ending of that movie while New York is rioting over King's death.  "You ruined it, Damn you. Damn you all to hell."

This Conversation:

"The humans blew up  New York?"- Bobby
"All  of America." - Don
"So he came back to here?"- Bobby
"In the future." - Don
"Jesus." - Bobby

Peggy seemed so happy when Abe said the reason he didn't want to live in the upper east side was because he wanted their kids to grow up around all different types of people. Deep down, she's still insecure about her decision to move in with him, and I'm sure always has that little nagging voice of her mother saying Abe won't marry her.

What a sweet thing to say, "Everybody likes to go to the movies when they're sad." If Bobby keeps giving out lines like this in the show I'll stop wanting them to write off his character.

That was a great conversation between Henry and Betty. It may have taken him some time, but he did listen to her, and then said, "I can't wait for people to meet you. I mean, really meet you." He sees so much more to Betty than Don ever did. Of course Betty, who still thinks her worth is only in looks, immediately becomes insecure.

A quick thought- could Henry going into such a public office mean something for Don? Would his opponents try to dig up dirt on Betty and uncover Don's secret?

Megan to Don, "Is this really how you want them to remember you?" Calling him out on his drinking and was surprised when Don opened up to hear about faking it with his children, until one day they do something and that feeling he's been faking becomes real, and you think your heart will explode. A moment of raw truth.

I have to say I really did love this episode, one of my favorites in a long time, I may be alone in this, but its right up there with "The Grownups" from season three.

Outfits that I Want in My Closet

Megan's fur stole. Gorgeous Darling.
Joan's glasses.
Peggy's striped sweater and adorable headband.

Best Roger Lines of the Night

Roger to Randall "It never works!" when he said he wanted to communicate without words. What a hack.

"He talked me off a roof once, I kinda owed him."

What did everyone else think?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Goodies Subscription Box- April 2013 Review

I have a few addictions in life. Ice cream (oy vey my stomach hates me for it), buying mixing bowls (don't ask), buying dinnerware (because you need a set for every occasion right?), polka dots, getting a new comforter set at every turn (my bachi always said it was the easiest way to change up a room),  and lately- getting sample boxes.

This month I received a FREE box from Goodies. It's a monthly sample box, that sends snacks for people to try. I found a promotional code online for them, to try a month free, and thought I would see what they had to offer. I will most likely not keeping this subscription since I really have to limit myself to the ones I sign up for right now, but it is seven dollars a month. You could easily spend that in a week at the vending machines at work.

So let's get to it.....April 2013 Goodies Box.......

The little card inside.  Oh, I love getting mail. 

The first thing I noticed upon opening the box, was actually the inside cover. I thought it was cute the print that they had there, so I took a picture. It's really those little details sometimes.

Isn't that cute? I want a fabric with that print for my kitchen curtains!

Then there was a gift card to a wine website for $50 off. This was actually pretty fabulous for the first thing in the box. Unfortunately, I live in a state where I can't ship alcohol to my house, so someone else will be reaping the benefits of it. I checked out the website and they had quite a bit to offer. It's a shame we couldn't use it since it would be nice to stock up cheaply for our upcoming summer party.


First,  there was macadamia pineapple coconut bites by Frontier Snacks.  I am NOT a fan of coconut, so I was skeptical about it, but was more than pleased to find out that it really didn't taste like coconut, and was a light granola that was quite filling. I would definitely buy these. Light flavor of pineapple and macadamia nut- delicious.

cute little snack bites. 

Second, was a chocolate chip cookie bar by abbott nutrition. My husband will be getting this, because I do not like the cookie dough protein bars, I have yet to find one out there that I like and usually I do like cookie dough (I'm looking at you ice cream) but unfortunately not in a protein bar.  The bright side is a snack for my husband to bring to work.

you will be eaten by my husband

Third, was Sweet and Salty Kettlecorn by Angie's Popcorn. Oh. my. word. Amazing. We absolutely loved this one, and will buy it at the store next time we are out if we can find it around here. One of the best versions of kettlecorn that I have tried.

 I liked their packaging. 

The fourth item was a fruit and nut true bar by Bakery on Main. I ended up eating this one myself, but loved it. I tend to shy away from fruit and nut bars, they just seem mostly blah to me. But this gooey creation was divine.

gooey and fab. 

The fifth item in the box was Sweet Potato Multigrain Chips by Green Giant. This was possibly our favorite in the whole box. We love sweet potato chips in the house, and I miss Stew Leonards for their hot bag of them, but these were very tasty. My husband said they reminded him a bit of wheat thins, but I thought they had the crispness of sun chips. Either way, try these out.

heaven in a bag. 

Lastly, there was a bottle of Sparkling Orange by Celsius Drink. I did not get to try this, and it's going to my husband since I'm forbidden from having caffeine at the moment. He was pretty happy it was in the box. Hopefully, its just as good as everything else that the box had to offer.

that is one big bottle. 

Overall, loved this box. Nice little snacks, all great flavors, and even if I didn't get to try them personally or like the flavor (as in the cookie dough bar) nothing will be going to waste. It was a great value, and we ended up with six great snacks, and an amazing gift card that I will most likely be sending to a family member. I highly recommend this box to anyone wanting to just try some fun snacks each month. I'm very glad I did- I have a few new products to buy at the store.

Up next- Sample Society April 2013 box review.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crockpot Orange Chicken

 I've been trying to make more recipes from pinterest and not just be a pinning fool all the time.

Tonight I decided to make crockpot orange chicken because my husband loves Chinese food. Loves it. It's honestly not my favorite, but the recipe looked easy enough (anything less than four ingredients is always fabulous) so I decided to make a go of it.

The original recipe can be found here. 

Here are the ingredients:

BBQ Sauce - the recipe used Sweet Baby Ray's and that is my absolute favorite. Definitely use it.
Orange Marmalade
Soy Sauce

The recipe was incredibly easy. Place the chicken breasts in the crockpot and cook on high for three hours. I would recommend doing smaller chicken breasts, and if you only have larger ones to cut them into smaller sizes.

uncooked chicken is never attractive

After three hours, mix the other three ingredients. I decided to double the recipe on the sauce, because I really wanted the chicken to soak it all in, plus have extra to dip the chicken in.  Cook on high for another half hour.

the sauce did smell delicious even if it looked kinda gross.
Sorry no attractive pictures this post. 

And you're good to go.

orange crockpot chicken- it was delicious- I swear. 

See? Super easy. Add some rice or veggies, and it's a completely hassle free meal.  It was absolutely delicious and we will be making it again.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 4 "To have and to hold" Recap

It's that time again! Mad Men.

Random Thoughts As I Watched The Episode

Finally some information about Dawn. I loved her commentary about how everyone is so sad there (at the firm).

There were references last week to being the rooster of a place, and then this week Sylvia tells Don she'll leave a penny under the mat when her husband has flown the coop.

I want Joan's pink casserole dish.

Oh Stan you are rocking that beard and fringed coat.

Meredith looks like a little girl in that ridiculous outfit, bows and all.

Love that there seems to be quite a bit of Joan this episode- finally.

Oh Harry. So harsh. Although I am not a fan of Harry, he has done quite a bit for the company, and find it odd that they don't look into making him a partner since he was a pioneer in the tv department for them. But at the same time, I know Don can't stand him. In the end, he got a check, but not the partnership that he wanted.

Meredith, you are an idiot.

Dawn and Joan were having very similar situations this week, both feeling so powerless and not able to stick up for themselves. They were dealing with being jealous of people, Joan seemed a little jealous of her Mary Kay friend who was jealous of her. Dawn was jealous of her friend who was getting married and would thus, never have to worry about the drama Dawn deals with at work.

I love Megan's gold chevron dress- orange is a big color for her, and last season she had that orange chevron coat, very simple, but now its literally turned to gold.  As Peggy once noted, Megan is just one of those girls who seems to be able to do anything well, and basically turning things into gold. Everything that she tries is golden, and she often has so many outfits with golds to them.

How things have changed, Megan's coworker telling her not to smoke, season one, not many people would have even said that.

oh.my.goodness. Swingers. I was waiting to see how long it was before they delved into that. This whole season so far has had that feeling at all the parties that people were going to be switching partners.

Joan's bored face as her friend made out with the younger man. So priceless.

Don does not say I love you back to Megan when she said it, he's a man of few words this season with her, barely speaking in most of his scenes with her.

Peggy is the new Don- "if you don't like what they are saying, change the conversation." A direct Don line.

So awkward when they all walked into that restaurant after the pitch.

Stan giving Peggy the middle finger. That friendship is over.

"I don't care if everybody hates me here, as long as you don't"- Dawn to Joan. Dawn recognizes how much Joan knows, and knows that the company needs her. She may be the only person that saw Joan as powerful this week.

Don is such a hypocrite with how he lashed out at Megan saying getting paid to kiss people makes her a prostitute and then handing over that penny to Sylvia that she left under the doormat.  Last season, I predicted like many others, that Megan's career could be the end of their marriage. Don does not like to share his toys.

I thought when Sylvia said that she would pray for Don, for him to find peace, was probably one of the most beautiful things ever said on the show. She may just completely understand him. Such a touching moment.

So what did you think of this episode?

Clothes That I Want In my Closet

Joan's blue dress that she was wearing when she greeted her old friend. LOVE the pin.
Joan's blue rose dress. That color looked amazing on her.
Scarlet's blue and orange purse.
Megan's gold and coral chevron dress
Megan's fabulous big ring that she wore to the work dinner.
Megan's short khaki coat with the amazing dark brown belt. So cute.
Scarlet's blue and green dress.
Joan's black and white dress.

Best Roger Line of the Night

"Should we fire him before he cashes the check?"

Keeping Up Appearances Apple Pie

As my work schedule would have it, tonight I couldn't sleep and started to go through random shows on Netflix. I ended up watching one of my all time favorites Keeping Up Appearances, and if you haven't watched it, check it out. I think its a riot, even if Mrs. Bucket (pronounced only by her as Bouquet) reminds me of my mimi- which lead me to my night project of baking an apple pie- my mimi's specialty and signature dessert.

Unfortunately my quest to find said recipe ended in disaster due to  this whole we moved and put things in boxes never to be found again fiasco. However, I did come across this apple pie recipe and decided to make a go of it. Fingers crossed that when my husband wakes up in the morning he's equally as pleased with this recipe since he's been asking for apple pie for quite awhile now.

I decided to cheat again and used store bought pie crust. Going forward let's all just assume that I will do that because well "ain't nobody got time for that."

Can we all just agree that this is one of the greatest inventions ever?

So after cutting up all the apples, you mix the dry ingredients. I tend to go heavier on the white and brown sugar. I just taste some apples as I go along, and modify. I also ramp up the cinnamon. I love cinnamon.

mixing in the dry ingredients

Once the dry ingredients have been mixed in with the apples. I rolled out the pie crust and glazed it with butter using a pastry brush. I then added more sugar, cinnamon, and then this wonderful product - the apple pie spice by Pampered Chef. It is amazing, AMAZING. I use it just on plain apples. It really adds something extra. I did this for both pieces of the crust.

as if it needed more cinnamon......


Pour all the ingredients onto the pie crust, and then add butter.

I want to eat you right now. 

Also - before popping it in the oven, I suggest wrapping the sides in foil, unfortunately we were out, so the edges got a little crisp this go around.

Sorry buddy your sides are about to become crispy.

You are supposed to bake it for thirty five minutes, take it out and remove the foil and then continue baking for another ten to twenty minutes.  Let's pretend I had used the foil and did this.

random shot of my very cool oven 

Let the pie cool for about a  half hour before eating it (I know- it will be tempting to dive in since the smell is amazing.....).

Finished product- ignore the crispy bits. 

Overall the pie was a huge hit with my husband. We had some for breakfast and even though he said I was a little heavy handed with the cinnamon, it didn't seem to stop him from finishing the pie off very quickly. He also LOVED the crust, so maybe it wasn't as crispy as I thought.

Stay tuned this week for more Mad Men and THREE new sample box reviews.

It's going to be a crazy week!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mad Men' Season 6 Episode 3 'The Collaborators'

It's time for Mad Men!!!!!!

Random Thoughts as I watched the Episode:

Trudy! She is my absolute favorite. Your couch is horrific. But Trudy, you are fabulous.

It's disturbing that Don's flashback after seeing Sylvia open the door is one of a moving to the brothel, and then he gave her money after sleeping together. He has such a virgin/whore complex. That cross is everywhere. Everywhere.

"Heinz Ketchup Don! It's the coca cola of condiments!"

Love seeing Heinz on the show - a little hometown representation.

That Jaguar guy is such a creep, and Joan handled him like a pro. The episode was very clearly dealing with women's issues, from birth control, pregnancy, divorce, comments on women working, husbands and wives,  and women and money. We watched as Peggy struggled with her coworkers and  Joan coped with the aftermath of how she attained her partnership. It was an in depth look at the role of women, what they were expected to be, what they wanted to be, and how limited their power was throughout that time.

Bob seems to be gearing up to be the new Pete with handling the clients. There is just something off about that guy.

Side note: when Don and Sylvia are talking during dinner and they cut in and out to later in the evening, it reminded me of the directing from the Jaguar episode where Don's pitch was played with flashbacks of Joan sleeping with the client, an issue that was brought up again this episode.

Mistresses meeting wives. Awkward.

Trudy needs to find a better man. If Joan and Don never get together, please have Don find true love with Trudy. Oh wait, I did say she needed to find a better man....but oh Don and Trudy together. I would like to see that.  Trudy is no fool and as much as Peter wants to be Don, Trudy is no Betty, she has much more fight in her. I love how she told Peter off, and how in control she was the whole time.  I'm glad she finally told Pete it was done.

I love that they named their daughter Tammy simply because I loved all the Tammy movies.

I really don't want Peggy to betray Stan, they have such great chemistry together, and that beard is growing on me.  So funny when she played it off that she was on a business call and he replied yes ma'am your wig will be ready by then. Hilarious.

Herb the Jaguar guy is an idiot. I love how Don pitched the idea, so funny, when Herb was  saying that Don had never had been a salesman, since we know Don once sold furs and cars, and is essentially selling his false identity everyday.

We finally met Uncle Mack, who once Don remarked was about the only person who was ever kind to him during his childhood. We saw Mack sleeping with Don's stepmother, and was curious if it was a consensual relationship or she felt she needed to sleep with him because he gave them a roof over their heads.

I was confused, did Megan have an abortion? Or was that just what she was telling Don?

Pete is disgusting

Example A "Can you hurry up?" to the woman after sleeping with her at the apartment.

Example B: "What did you say to him?"  to the  same woman who was beaten by her husband, who obviously found out about Pete.

Clothes That I want in my Closet:

Peggy's little purple number, that scarf is adorable.
Sylvia's blue dress that she wore in their apartment
Sylvia's dress she wore at the restaurant- amazing earrings!

An Outfit that I don't want in my closet:
Megan's blue house coat. Not as horrible as Betty's pink one, but still horrible.

The episode ending with this line from the song:

"When the end comes I know they'll say just a gigolo as life goes on without me."

How appropriate.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mad Men Season Six Episode One Recap - The Doorway

Mad Men is back!

Our cable is still not working correctly  since we moved, so I'm watching the episode online. Let's begin!

Random Thoughts As I Watched The Episode In No particular Order:

Opening in on Megan-drinking and being vain about her looks? This doesn't seem good.

Don is reading the inferno- which started to make me think what if each season of the show represented a ring of hell?

Love that they are in Hawaii which just is so sixties to me. My grandparents were obsessed with Hawaiian decor, Polynesian things, and all things Tiki themed  in the sixties.  I think at one point my grandmother even had a Tiki decor themed room.

Don's face when Megan came back with the pot, Don and his relationship with drugs has always been interesting one to watch. It reminded me of his time with Midge. Don is about control, controlling every little part of his life, which is not surprising when someone is trying to hide a secret life or identity.

Lol- that fan- who says that to someone? You look trimmer in person than on TV? And Megan? I didn't even know they had it in Minnesota.

I love how the guy at the bar states that something about being married makes a man want to live longer, something to live for and then asks Don is he was married when he was in Korea. Sad, the the real Don was married and didn't actually make it out alive.

Megan's dress that she threw on when she got up reminded me so much of Betty's dress that she was wearing when Don and her returned from Rome. The Italian fashions are finally going mainstream almost five years later. Rome was a distraction for them like perhaps Hawaii will be a distraction for her and Don?

Henry's mother- oh Sally looks pleased at the Nutcracker. Love Betty's hat and coat, such contrast to Megan's wild animal print coat, which I equally love. Sally referring to her mother "Betty got a ticket." ha!

Um, don't even know what to say about Betty edging Henry on about raping that girl. Morbid and twisted.

I thought it was very realistic that Sally was jealous of her friend's attention that she received from Betty. On one hand as a teenager just as you are always annoyed with your mother, you are still wanting her to be proud of you. The girl nailed it out of the park as she talked about college, dropping out marrying, and then moving to the country, Betty called it an arrogant assumption, but it pretty much summed up Betty's life. The whole conversation was very honest look at generational differences and quite possibly right up there with Betty shooting the neighbor's birds as one of her most maternal moments on the show to date.

Betty was definitely being "reckless" and going out of her comfort zone this episode. I felt there was growth in her character.

I could also never imagine being that young and sitting there smoking with a friend's mother.

Death was an obvious theme in the episode, from Don's reading of the Inferno, visions of people dying, having died, actually dying, and Betty and the young girl talking about losing their mothers. A very morbid start to the season, the themes of last season's finale "The Phantom" have carried over. There were some very dark themes throughout the episode, as much as people complained that season five was dark, I have a feeling this season will be much darker as they move through the times.

I have to say that I like how Christmas is always portrayed on this show, its so very realistic in many regards, a bit lonely for people, and the writers of Mad Men aren't trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes that days of Christmas past were all heavenly nostalgia. There is an extreme sense of loneliness that hovers over the holidays in the show, thinking of the past and the future, and those they have lost.

Roger Sterling in therapy, oh how times have changed. Remember him telling Don that it was just this year's pink stove and then to have the ad with the pink stove. ha!

I thought it was interesting that Season Four opened with Don being interviewed about the new firm and the whole pretend second floor routine, and then this season opened with the same theme of publicity except this time, they actually have a second floor.

Don's face when the photographer told him he wanted him to be himself. Priceless.

Did they change Margaret's husband? He doesn't look like the same actor.

It's horrible, but I laughed so hard when Don threw up after the line "My son is my sunshine." Obviously, we know why this would upset him, but that line. Just too much.

It was a beautiful scene when Roger finally broke down and cried over the shoe shiner's box who had passed away. Suddenly he was dealing with his mother's death while possibly seeing a vision of his future.

Stan and Peggy still being friends. So great. I love how far they have come in their friendship.

What the heck happened to Ken? It just seemed so unlike him to be that rude.

Does Mona look better with age? Never noticed it before, but they did an amazing job casting Margaret in terms of looking like a younger Mona.

Abe's hair was a riot, Ginsberg's mustache made him look like a seventies porn star. Harry just looked ridiculous and Pete keeps losing his hair. That peak. Too much.

Peggy has another crush on her boss? She was very much Don's protege when she was talking to her workers, very reminiscent of the The Suitcase episode about just wanting to go home.

I didn't  hate Betty's hair, and thought Henry's comment about her looking like Elizabeth Taylor was cute, no more Grace Kelly. I do actually like Betty ( I know- so many people hate her) and I do like her and Henry together. There is a closeness there that is real unlike her and Don's. They do love one another.

I will admit, as much as I liked Betty's hair, couldn't help but think when she walked into the room, "oh my she's turning into Henry's mother!" I also thought it was interesting that she did decide to go with dark hair, since most of the women that Don had cheated on her with had dark hair like his own mother.

I think my grandparents had that Fondue set. My bachi actually had almost the exact same dress that Megan wore last season for the Cod Fish Ball episode.

But please, can we just do away with Bobby?

and of course- Old Don is back. We have missed you.

Lastly, clothes that I would like in my closet from tonight's episode:

Megan's Bikini and dress that she wore to the Luau

Betty and Megan's fur coats and hats. Two different styles, equally as stylish.

Peggy's green coat. Amazing. Color of the year 2013.

Jane's dress she wore to the funeral.

The dress the doctor's wife was wearing at the "Happy New Year -we've trapped you into watching our wonderful vacation to Hawaii" party.

My Favorite Roger Quote of the Night

When asked if he wanted to call his aunt back after hearing of the passing of his mother:

"No, she's a fruitcake, she'll want to have a seance."

But in conclusion- we need more Joan.