Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Goodies Subscription Box- April 2013 Review

I have a few addictions in life. Ice cream (oy vey my stomach hates me for it), buying mixing bowls (don't ask), buying dinnerware (because you need a set for every occasion right?), polka dots, getting a new comforter set at every turn (my bachi always said it was the easiest way to change up a room),  and lately- getting sample boxes.

This month I received a FREE box from Goodies. It's a monthly sample box, that sends snacks for people to try. I found a promotional code online for them, to try a month free, and thought I would see what they had to offer. I will most likely not keeping this subscription since I really have to limit myself to the ones I sign up for right now, but it is seven dollars a month. You could easily spend that in a week at the vending machines at work.

So let's get to it.....April 2013 Goodies Box.......

The little card inside.  Oh, I love getting mail. 

The first thing I noticed upon opening the box, was actually the inside cover. I thought it was cute the print that they had there, so I took a picture. It's really those little details sometimes.

Isn't that cute? I want a fabric with that print for my kitchen curtains!

Then there was a gift card to a wine website for $50 off. This was actually pretty fabulous for the first thing in the box. Unfortunately, I live in a state where I can't ship alcohol to my house, so someone else will be reaping the benefits of it. I checked out the website and they had quite a bit to offer. It's a shame we couldn't use it since it would be nice to stock up cheaply for our upcoming summer party.


First,  there was macadamia pineapple coconut bites by Frontier Snacks.  I am NOT a fan of coconut, so I was skeptical about it, but was more than pleased to find out that it really didn't taste like coconut, and was a light granola that was quite filling. I would definitely buy these. Light flavor of pineapple and macadamia nut- delicious.

cute little snack bites. 

Second, was a chocolate chip cookie bar by abbott nutrition. My husband will be getting this, because I do not like the cookie dough protein bars, I have yet to find one out there that I like and usually I do like cookie dough (I'm looking at you ice cream) but unfortunately not in a protein bar.  The bright side is a snack for my husband to bring to work.

you will be eaten by my husband

Third, was Sweet and Salty Kettlecorn by Angie's Popcorn. Oh. my. word. Amazing. We absolutely loved this one, and will buy it at the store next time we are out if we can find it around here. One of the best versions of kettlecorn that I have tried.

 I liked their packaging. 

The fourth item was a fruit and nut true bar by Bakery on Main. I ended up eating this one myself, but loved it. I tend to shy away from fruit and nut bars, they just seem mostly blah to me. But this gooey creation was divine.

gooey and fab. 

The fifth item in the box was Sweet Potato Multigrain Chips by Green Giant. This was possibly our favorite in the whole box. We love sweet potato chips in the house, and I miss Stew Leonards for their hot bag of them, but these were very tasty. My husband said they reminded him a bit of wheat thins, but I thought they had the crispness of sun chips. Either way, try these out.

heaven in a bag. 

Lastly, there was a bottle of Sparkling Orange by Celsius Drink. I did not get to try this, and it's going to my husband since I'm forbidden from having caffeine at the moment. He was pretty happy it was in the box. Hopefully, its just as good as everything else that the box had to offer.

that is one big bottle. 

Overall, loved this box. Nice little snacks, all great flavors, and even if I didn't get to try them personally or like the flavor (as in the cookie dough bar) nothing will be going to waste. It was a great value, and we ended up with six great snacks, and an amazing gift card that I will most likely be sending to a family member. I highly recommend this box to anyone wanting to just try some fun snacks each month. I'm very glad I did- I have a few new products to buy at the store.

Up next- Sample Society April 2013 box review.

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