Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mad Men' Season 6 Episode 3 'The Collaborators'

It's time for Mad Men!!!!!!

Random Thoughts as I watched the Episode:

Trudy! She is my absolute favorite. Your couch is horrific. But Trudy, you are fabulous.

It's disturbing that Don's flashback after seeing Sylvia open the door is one of a moving to the brothel, and then he gave her money after sleeping together. He has such a virgin/whore complex. That cross is everywhere. Everywhere.

"Heinz Ketchup Don! It's the coca cola of condiments!"

Love seeing Heinz on the show - a little hometown representation.

That Jaguar guy is such a creep, and Joan handled him like a pro. The episode was very clearly dealing with women's issues, from birth control, pregnancy, divorce, comments on women working, husbands and wives,  and women and money. We watched as Peggy struggled with her coworkers and  Joan coped with the aftermath of how she attained her partnership. It was an in depth look at the role of women, what they were expected to be, what they wanted to be, and how limited their power was throughout that time.

Bob seems to be gearing up to be the new Pete with handling the clients. There is just something off about that guy.

Side note: when Don and Sylvia are talking during dinner and they cut in and out to later in the evening, it reminded me of the directing from the Jaguar episode where Don's pitch was played with flashbacks of Joan sleeping with the client, an issue that was brought up again this episode.

Mistresses meeting wives. Awkward.

Trudy needs to find a better man. If Joan and Don never get together, please have Don find true love with Trudy. Oh wait, I did say she needed to find a better man....but oh Don and Trudy together. I would like to see that.  Trudy is no fool and as much as Peter wants to be Don, Trudy is no Betty, she has much more fight in her. I love how she told Peter off, and how in control she was the whole time.  I'm glad she finally told Pete it was done.

I love that they named their daughter Tammy simply because I loved all the Tammy movies.

I really don't want Peggy to betray Stan, they have such great chemistry together, and that beard is growing on me.  So funny when she played it off that she was on a business call and he replied yes ma'am your wig will be ready by then. Hilarious.

Herb the Jaguar guy is an idiot. I love how Don pitched the idea, so funny, when Herb was  saying that Don had never had been a salesman, since we know Don once sold furs and cars, and is essentially selling his false identity everyday.

We finally met Uncle Mack, who once Don remarked was about the only person who was ever kind to him during his childhood. We saw Mack sleeping with Don's stepmother, and was curious if it was a consensual relationship or she felt she needed to sleep with him because he gave them a roof over their heads.

I was confused, did Megan have an abortion? Or was that just what she was telling Don?

Pete is disgusting

Example A "Can you hurry up?" to the woman after sleeping with her at the apartment.

Example B: "What did you say to him?"  to the  same woman who was beaten by her husband, who obviously found out about Pete.

Clothes That I want in my Closet:

Peggy's little purple number, that scarf is adorable.
Sylvia's blue dress that she wore in their apartment
Sylvia's dress she wore at the restaurant- amazing earrings!

An Outfit that I don't want in my closet:
Megan's blue house coat. Not as horrible as Betty's pink one, but still horrible.

The episode ending with this line from the song:

"When the end comes I know they'll say just a gigolo as life goes on without me."

How appropriate.

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