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Mad Men Recap Season 6 Episode 5 "The Flood"

Random Thoughts As I Watched the Episode

Peggy is movin' on  up. Peggy is the one with the money and power, loved the real estate lady's face when she realized Abe was not in charge.

Abe- you look ridiculous. And dirty.

Oh Bobby is now actually doing something?  Was wondering why they even have him on the show with his Benjamin button habit of growing younger each year.

"Oh my goodness you really are good at everything." yup, that pretty much sums up Megan.

Glad we were able to view some more of Ginsberg's private life. It was sorta cute that he was set up, but could understand his frustration.

Peggy's dress is cute (I love the pink and green together), but she looks so young and insecure next to Megan and her full blow Hollywood glamour.

"Don't apologize Peggy- you deserve it." Yes Peggy, you sure do.

The guys are talking, but all you see is Joan. Joan- you are wearing the hell out of that cobalt blue dress.

Yup, Peggy definitely has a thing for her boss, and from that look he just gave her across the table, its definitely mutual.

Ginsberg on his date was so cute. "You smell great" and then just rambling about sex. Really funny.

What a way to address the Martin Luther King, Jr shooting. Joan crying, and just the shock in the room. The show always seems to find a way to address those big moments without it looking like a staged pop culture sixties show.

Pete called Trudy, how different it was from a few years before when JFK was shot and they came together as a couple. However, Trudy was going to wear that gorgeous blue cocktail gown to Margaret Sterling's wedding, and I noticed she had a blue dress on tonight. Very casual in contrast  but once again showing how far the characters have come in their lives. No more nights on the town for Trudy, she is comfortable in her suburban role.  She may be the only character on the show who is happy in her role (despite the marriage failing) but that was her ending it. Trudy is no fool.

And Megan won. Of course.

You know you're a complete jerk when you get into a fight with Peter Campbell and PETER is the voice of moral reason. I'm looking right at you Harry.

Most awkward hug ever. Joan hugging Dawn. Omg- Dawn's face.

Don trying to keep a straight face the whole time Randall was talking. Stan on the other hand, didn't even bother to cover his smirk and laughter.

Ginsberg's dad. What an archaic thing to say, the reason you have all these faults (not being able to cook, clean or sew) was because he was in need of a girl. Oh, that MUST be it.

LOL. "I'm not allowed to watch TV for a week. " oh okay. Let's take him to the movies. Planet of the Apes. Classic.

Perfect time to show the ending of that movie while New York is rioting over King's death.  "You ruined it, Damn you. Damn you all to hell."

This Conversation:

"The humans blew up  New York?"- Bobby
"All  of America." - Don
"So he came back to here?"- Bobby
"In the future." - Don
"Jesus." - Bobby

Peggy seemed so happy when Abe said the reason he didn't want to live in the upper east side was because he wanted their kids to grow up around all different types of people. Deep down, she's still insecure about her decision to move in with him, and I'm sure always has that little nagging voice of her mother saying Abe won't marry her.

What a sweet thing to say, "Everybody likes to go to the movies when they're sad." If Bobby keeps giving out lines like this in the show I'll stop wanting them to write off his character.

That was a great conversation between Henry and Betty. It may have taken him some time, but he did listen to her, and then said, "I can't wait for people to meet you. I mean, really meet you." He sees so much more to Betty than Don ever did. Of course Betty, who still thinks her worth is only in looks, immediately becomes insecure.

A quick thought- could Henry going into such a public office mean something for Don? Would his opponents try to dig up dirt on Betty and uncover Don's secret?

Megan to Don, "Is this really how you want them to remember you?" Calling him out on his drinking and was surprised when Don opened up to hear about faking it with his children, until one day they do something and that feeling he's been faking becomes real, and you think your heart will explode. A moment of raw truth.

I have to say I really did love this episode, one of my favorites in a long time, I may be alone in this, but its right up there with "The Grownups" from season three.

Outfits that I Want in My Closet

Megan's fur stole. Gorgeous Darling.
Joan's glasses.
Peggy's striped sweater and adorable headband.

Best Roger Lines of the Night

Roger to Randall "It never works!" when he said he wanted to communicate without words. What a hack.

"He talked me off a roof once, I kinda owed him."

What did everyone else think?

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