Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 4 "To have and to hold" Recap

It's that time again! Mad Men.

Random Thoughts As I Watched The Episode

Finally some information about Dawn. I loved her commentary about how everyone is so sad there (at the firm).

There were references last week to being the rooster of a place, and then this week Sylvia tells Don she'll leave a penny under the mat when her husband has flown the coop.

I want Joan's pink casserole dish.

Oh Stan you are rocking that beard and fringed coat.

Meredith looks like a little girl in that ridiculous outfit, bows and all.

Love that there seems to be quite a bit of Joan this episode- finally.

Oh Harry. So harsh. Although I am not a fan of Harry, he has done quite a bit for the company, and find it odd that they don't look into making him a partner since he was a pioneer in the tv department for them. But at the same time, I know Don can't stand him. In the end, he got a check, but not the partnership that he wanted.

Meredith, you are an idiot.

Dawn and Joan were having very similar situations this week, both feeling so powerless and not able to stick up for themselves. They were dealing with being jealous of people, Joan seemed a little jealous of her Mary Kay friend who was jealous of her. Dawn was jealous of her friend who was getting married and would thus, never have to worry about the drama Dawn deals with at work.

I love Megan's gold chevron dress- orange is a big color for her, and last season she had that orange chevron coat, very simple, but now its literally turned to gold.  As Peggy once noted, Megan is just one of those girls who seems to be able to do anything well, and basically turning things into gold. Everything that she tries is golden, and she often has so many outfits with golds to them.

How things have changed, Megan's coworker telling her not to smoke, season one, not many people would have even said that. Swingers. I was waiting to see how long it was before they delved into that. This whole season so far has had that feeling at all the parties that people were going to be switching partners.

Joan's bored face as her friend made out with the younger man. So priceless.

Don does not say I love you back to Megan when she said it, he's a man of few words this season with her, barely speaking in most of his scenes with her.

Peggy is the new Don- "if you don't like what they are saying, change the conversation." A direct Don line.

So awkward when they all walked into that restaurant after the pitch.

Stan giving Peggy the middle finger. That friendship is over.

"I don't care if everybody hates me here, as long as you don't"- Dawn to Joan. Dawn recognizes how much Joan knows, and knows that the company needs her. She may be the only person that saw Joan as powerful this week.

Don is such a hypocrite with how he lashed out at Megan saying getting paid to kiss people makes her a prostitute and then handing over that penny to Sylvia that she left under the doormat.  Last season, I predicted like many others, that Megan's career could be the end of their marriage. Don does not like to share his toys.

I thought when Sylvia said that she would pray for Don, for him to find peace, was probably one of the most beautiful things ever said on the show. She may just completely understand him. Such a touching moment.

So what did you think of this episode?

Clothes That I Want In my Closet

Joan's blue dress that she was wearing when she greeted her old friend. LOVE the pin.
Joan's blue rose dress. That color looked amazing on her.
Scarlet's blue and orange purse.
Megan's gold and coral chevron dress
Megan's fabulous big ring that she wore to the work dinner.
Megan's short khaki coat with the amazing dark brown belt. So cute.
Scarlet's blue and green dress.
Joan's black and white dress.

Best Roger Line of the Night

"Should we fire him before he cashes the check?"


  1. Love how Don was listening at the door to Peggy's pitch and how he had that oh so subtle smile when he heard it was good! I think he is proud of Peggy and also knows that he is being surpassed. I hope Joan finds a way to wield her power- odd (but good?) how Peter semi- stood up for her with Harry.

  2. I think Joan will start to come into her own a little more this season with her new found power and actually using it. I thought Don looked proud of Peggy too. Peggy is a bit like Anna to Don, so there is that affection for what she has accomplished.