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Ipsy Sample Box February 2013 Review


Ipsy is a sample box subscription that costs only ten dollars a month (this includes shipping). You are billed monthly the first of every month, and the boxes are shipped out by the 15th. Thus far, I have never had an issue with either shipping or billing, in fact most months by the time they send me an email notifying me of the shipment of my bag- the box has already arrived or will arrive the next day.  The sample bag comes each month in a bright pink (really bright pink) envelope and inside you get a cosmetic makeup bag (each month it’s a different one and often a different size, for example in December the bag was the perfect size for carrying makeup brushes because it was longer in length).  Included in the subscription are four or five deluxe size samples of hair, makeup, face, or nail products.
My Sample box this month was the theme of Red Carpet Ready. The makeup was black patent leather. 
February 2013's cosmetic bag
Inside were the following products:

The Goodies.....

Pop Beauty Smoky Lash Kapow- This was a full size sample that was valued at $18.50. I had never heard of this brand before, the packaging is cute, but I haven’t tried it yet.  I feel like I am swimming in mascara samples recently. I'm sure its fabulous- Ipsy has yet to steer me wrong with their mascara selections.
Pop Beauty Smoky Lash Mascara

MICA Beauty Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Gel Eyeliner- This wasn't labeled for the size, but a full size is valued at over $35.00 and this was a very substantial size- so who knows,  it might actually be full size.  I was very excited that this was in this month’s bag because in January’s bag one of the products had been an eyeliner brush.  I love this product! Easy to apply and really creates an impact.

MICA Beauty Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner

 Lash Cards- This was valued at $3.50. They are supposed to prevent mascara from clumping. I love them! Others have complained about this being a product this month because they often just use business cards for the same effect.  They felt they were worthless, I don’t think they are, and when I am done, I can use business cards like them.  Sometimes, I just like getting things in the bags, because I hadn't heard that this was a trick to use, and now I know.

Lash Card Packaging 

Coastal Scents Mini Eyeshadow Quad- I couldn't find a value on these, and I hated them. I hated the colors that came in my bag. None of them looked good on me, they had sent out two varieties of this, and neither variety looked like it would work on me.  Mine had a weird gold color and from the other colors that I saw- can’t imagine that they would look good on many people at all. However, I think this the first ever product that I have received from them that I didn't like.

Worst colors ever for me.....

Pixi Flawless and Poreless- 0.5 oz- This was valued at $15.00. Primers are my thing right now; I’m obsessed with trying them since I lost the lottery when it came to the size of my pores.  I've only used this once since like mascaras, I also have quite a few primers right now from either previous subscription bags or samples from Sephora.  I liked the consistency of this primer and helped to fill in my pores for a smoother look. I will continue to use this after my Mirabella primer (so amazing) from the December Ipsy bag is finally gone.

Value- The total value of this bag was hard to gauge since sizes weren't included on some of the products, or values couldn't be found.  From the values I could find, and by guessing that the eyeliner was a full size product, this bag would be valued at over $70.00!!!

Fast shipping- as I said there has never been an issue with the bag going out late or not arriving before the 15th
Sample sizes- Many sample boxes out there give out only deluxe size samples, but Ipsy gives out both deluxe and full size products. They also claim to send out four or five samples each month, but since my subscription started last October I've never had anything less than five products in each bag.
Variety- So far I've not had any repeat products from Ipsy except for getting mascara in two bags but considering that you are supposed to throw those out pretty fast- this is not a complaint at all- you get lots of variety of brands and products- some months it’s all makeup while January focused on hair, nails and face. I love that it has introduced me to new brands and while in the past I may not have splurged on a lipstick not being sure if I would like it, but getting a sample size of it to try without guilt, would win me over as a consumer.
Value- Since I joined in October my bags have been valued at no less than 30 dollars each month, this is much higher than the ten dollar price tag. I've had in some bags, one product alone being worth thirty dollars in its size.  I’m a sucker for a good bargain, and to me this often feels like a steal.

I only have one complaint about my Ipsy subscription and that is some variety for different makeup profiles. They have you fill out a makeup profile, and yet everyone pretty much gets the same shade of lipstick (and it’s always a super bright orange red).  Orange red lipstick on a pale person just made me look like a clown.  Why bother with the profile if you are going to send everyone the same shade???

I really love my Ipsy subscription- I just find it to be a great value and worth the little splurge each month.  I really can’t say enough good things about it. Who doesn’t love getting a makeup kit each month??!

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