Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sample Society Makeup Box - July 2013 Review

Hello again!

We're back with some very exciting reviews on the Sample Society Makeup Box for July 2013. Sorry kiddos- but this was probably one of my least favorite boxes of theirs to date. 

First up- this little eye shadow trio which was a big letdown in terms of color.  Vincent Longo Eyeshadow Trios-Sweet Melody- the colors look pretty much as they appear here- a green pistachio like color, a horrible peachy pink that reminded me of big chew bubblegum and lastly, this darker purplish tone, that no matter what I tried to mix it with, was just not working.  I wish they had sent out the autumn set, which had colors that I think would have worked with just about everyone. 

Next-  Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper Deluxe Sample- the color was more of a light mauve (called Tokyok) , and was not the best shade that I could have used on my lips- also it tingles, which at first felt cool like chap stick  but after awhile, once it really didn't go away- felt just plain ole' weird. I am guessing that is the plumping part of the whole song and dance- but again, not that great of a product for me. 

The third product- Lavanila Pure Vanilla Deluxe Sample-SS- gross- vanilla- my least favorite scent for any sort of lotion, soap, or perfume. But I know this will find a good home, and will find plenty of people to pass this along to when I'm home next month. 

Fourth product- Tres Pure Face Tonic_SS- according to the bottle you are supposed to apply this to your face day and night after cleansing, It doesn't have much of a scent, and pretty much felt like I was throwing fancy water on my face, who knows- maybe in a week, my face will look off the charts fantastic. Ps- I loved the person's review who felt that it was like salad dressing in smell. 

Lastly- Dr. T's Supergoop! Advanced SPF 37 Eye Cream SS- ugh- another loser for this box. The smell is just horrible- very strong smelling of sunscreen lotion and since there are a billion eye creams out there that DON'T smell badly, this is just one that will be passed along to someone else or end up in the bottle of my sample drawer for our guests when they come to visit (my guests get some hoity toity samples - we are just that kind of place). Also- it did not blend in easily at all- and was pretty flaky. It just sat there on my face. 

So that's it folks, the July box from Sample Society- a total disappointment overall, Hopefully August will be killer. 

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