Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goodies Sample Box June 2013 Review

Our fabulous little Goodies Sample Box arrived on Saturday. My husband texted me at work to let me know- my response: Don't touch it yet! I have to take pictures! 

We are horribly bad in that whenever we get the box, all the snacks go pretty much out the window that night as we try everything, Goodies box sometimes equals dinner in this house. Judge away.

Let's get to it!

Adobadas Chips by Frito Lay- these were pretty amazing! My husband was a really big fan of them, proven by the fact that he polished them off pretty quickly. I had a couple but it hits you with a little bit of spice at the end, and since I am a wimp when it comes to any sort of spicy food, my husband was able to enjoy in abundance, and there was no complaining in that regard coming from him. He said he would definitely buy them at the store. 

Cheddar Cheese Seaweed Crumbles by Gimme Health- This really should be by gimme something that actually tastes good.  I was excited when I saw this in our pack of goodies, since people have been raving about seaweed for a snack for quite a bit of time, I just hadn't around to trying it. Very glad I did not actually go out and buy a big bag of this, because it was just gross. Weird consistency, and my husband and I both simply said that it just tasted like we were munching on dry seaweed. This was definitely not for us, who knows there could be a really amazing brand out there that does make seaweed taste delicious, and if you know of any feel free to sound off in the comments. 

Dream Water NightTEA Night by Sarpes Beverages- This little bottle definitely intrigued me- according to the packaging you are supposed to take it a half hour before scooting off to bed, and promises a delightful, worry free sleep, and wake up refreshed, etc, etc. I tried it last night, and was out like a light in about twenty minutes. Did I wake up feeling super refreshed? Not really, but I felt rested. It also has a bit of a weird taste to it, which leaves a funky after taste in your mouth. 

Apple, Raspberry, Peach, Chia & Acerola by Smooch Snacks- I saw this and my first thought was that they were sending me a kid snack, which I imagine it definitely could be. I decided to try it right away, and when it first hit my mouth, all I could think was that I was drinking baby food, and then I thought runny applesauce. My husband just thought it was weird, so I thought maybe it would taste better after being in the fridge for a bit, maybe firm up a bit and become more slushy in consistency. No, this was not the case, it did not firm up or gel together more, it just tasted like colder baby food. A great flavor, but weird for me, not to say that if I did have kids, I wouldn't buy it for them. I thought of all my little cousins who would probably have a field day drinking this. 

Highland Shortbread by Duchy Originals- These were very delicious. My husband loves shortbread, so he was thrilled when I passed it over his way after having a bite. 

Pringles Stix Cheese by Kellog Company- I am in love with these. I love pringles, I love cheese sticks, so this was a match made in heavenly food matrimony in my opinion. My husband was not as thrilled about them, but I couldn't stop eating them. Delicious!

So that's it folks- Goodies Box June 2013. What did everyone else think of it?

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