Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ipsy Sample Bag Review - June 2013

My Ipsy bag arrived last week and I was ecstatic to find all sorts of new goodies that I had never tried before. This is why I love Ipsy so much- you really get to try different brands without taking too much of a cost risk. There are simply so many beauty brands out there, that at times it can be overwhelming, and while you may want to buy everything, the risk of buying something doesn't always quite work out that well for you. I love that for $10 a month I can try new brands and products worth many times over the cost of the bag. 

The theme this month was on the wild side. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag this month- what a fabulously fun print. I may have to start giving some of these bags away because between the sample society boxes and all these bags, I could be on my way to my very own episode of Hoarders. 

NYX Cream Blush- First up was the cream blush, which at first glance looked like a darker peach. I've been trying out cream blushes more and don't know why it took me so long to experiment with them, they always seem to last longer. I tried this blush hoping that I blend it in enough to look like a lighter peach shade on my pale skin, but it was a no go. This is very creamy and easy to apply, a wonderful consistency, but it was just too dark for me. My sister will be getting this in her box of goodies next week when she comes to visit (she's very lucky to have darker skin because she's making out quite well with some of my samples). If you haven't tried any NYX products, you really need to try them- for the price they are an amazing value. Ulta seems to be always running sales on their products.  This is valued at $6.

Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner with Brush Built-In by Cailyn Cosmetics- Another gel eyeliner, but I love it! It's adorable together, the little brush and container, and since I always have such a hard time applying eyeliner due to my shaking hands this was greatly appreciated. The color was oddly in purple, which I thought was a strange color to send out in the bags, but it went on so smoothly. I have to keep practicing with the brush, it was odd since at first glance I thought what the heck am I going to do with the purple eyeliner, but when you put it on its really not that purple since its so dark, it could be really great for a night look. Either way, the brush is great, and I could use it with other colors.  Retail value of this product is $21. 

Eyelash and Eyelash Glue By J. Cat Beauty- This was one of two products from this brand. I tried these on tonight, and thought they were easy enough to apply, I think I've worn fake eyelashes maybe twice in my life and both times they were applied by professionals, but these worked great, and for a first time trying it out were easy enough. Retail value of this product is $3.59.

Sparkling Cream Palette by J. Cat Beauty- The second product by this brand was met with a little less fanfare. I played around with the colors tonight when I couldn't sleep and am wondering when I ever am going to use this product. It goes on very sporadic at first, like you just got some random pieces of glitter stuck on your eyelid, I thought it would be thicker and go on like a heavier eye shadow cream, but it didn't. It was creamy, but went on differently than I had hoped. This could be a good going out look, but don't see me getting much use out of it. The retail value of this product is $4.59 and I have to say that I am still curious to try the jewel tone palette that they also sell on the site. 

Lip Pencil by Starlooks- This came in Tickle Me Pink, and boy it was pretty bright. It actually reminded me of a bright salmon color, but with some blending with another shade, really looked good. This was definitely a quality pencil, glided on very smooth, and lasted for quite a bit of time. I'll have to check out more of their products. The retail value of this product is $12.

The total value for this bag was $47! Great value like always! Overall this bag was interesting, definitely gave me some things to try that aren't in my comfort zone of makeup, but they were fun to experiment with tonight. Definitely not everyday use makeup, but may wear some of it at an upcoming night wedding this summer. 

What did everyone else think of their June Ipsy bag?

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