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Mad Men Season 6 Episode 11 Recap "Favors"

I know, I know- I didn't recap last week's episode. The reason being was that I was in Houston for a long overdue visit with some of my most favorite people, and when I came back, it was right back into work, and chaos, so the recap got a little lost in all that. But I am back, and will promise to recap the rest of the season which by the way, I can't believe is approaching so fast! Only a couple more episodes and were are done with season six and are onto the LAST season. I better find a new show to recap soon. So getting right into it....your recap and random thoughts

Random Thoughts as I watched the Episode:

I LOVE Peggy's green suit, she has been all about the kelly and emerald green this season, and I am all for it since green is my favorite color.

Roger drinking in the morning- classic.

"Not all surprises are bad"- Roger. Um, I am pretty sure most people in this episode would think all surprises are bad. Sally for sure on this one.

Oh lordy, Peggy and Pete's mother alone together- immediately I thought well this is awkward, Peggy sitting down talking to the grandmother of her child, a child that said grandmother has no idea even exists.

And she thinks Peggy is Trudy. Of course this is one time when her dementia is taking over, but she is actually speaking some truths in relation to Peter and Peggy having a baby. Peggy looks so uncomfortable and like she is about to burst into tears.

"Did she go to China for that tea?"- Peggy, waiting with Peter's mother. Hahaha!

Don walks in on Megan chatting with Mitchell. Mitchell is closer in age to Megan than Don and there is that generational difference. Don and Roger's generation had a very different view of American duty, while there is so much gray towards Vietnam.

"He can't spend the rest of his life on the run." Don about Mitchell wanting to run to Canada to avoid the draft. Again, his hypocrisy takes over, like he should even talk.

I Loved Ted, Peggy, and Peter drinking together, celebrating their victory in getting Cranberry (let the wars of the fruit juices begin). Peggy looking at both her past and possibly her future in the two men in front of her. However, surprised to say that my favorite moment of all this was not a moment between Peggy and Ted, but one of brutal, raw honesty between Peggy and Peter:

"Because you really know me."- Peter
"I do."- Peggy.

I thought this was such an honest, real moment, one of those moments when you connect again from someone in your past, and even though its all said and done and is staying in the past, there is that raw recognition that you do really know that person and maybe have forgotten to recognize that. Peggy's face when she responds that she does is both an affirmative but also one of wonder, as in wow, you are right, I do know you. You recognized that.

Betty fighting with Sally- teenage angst. Love Henry's line that the UN is a joke.

"Join this company and read a memo once and awhile."- Ted to Don. This season people are really starting to call Don out on his crap and his going rogue routine. They have all started to come into their own, playing the rules, and not playing the rules, but are all sick and tired of Don doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Sally meeting Mitchell. Oh I wouldn't for the world want to be a 13 year old girl again, but seeing those girls react to the older boy made me laugh about the excitement back then with those silly crushes.

I liked Don sitting down with Sylvia's husband at the restaurant. Its so odd, that Don has a male friend finally, someone who he does talk to in a non business setting. Ted is right when he calls Don out on not having many friends, and of course its the husband of the woman he is sleeping with, and the woman I'm sure that will be blowing all this to shreds soon.

I LOVE Peter's blue couch and green pillows. If anyone can find me one like this, let me know.

Ouch. Poor Peter, he was screwed up from the start. Never been a fan of his mother, and her whole you were always unlovable line was just brutal. It's always hard seeing the child who was treated the worst doing the most for the parent that treated them horribly, that endless cycle of unconsciously and consciously wanting their approval.

Peggy's apartment, she's still in that place and it looks like she caught a rat or a mouse. Blood is everywhere, and again there is that brutality coming into the show again. Blood from the rat race?

Peggy called Stan! Sadly, she gets turned down. But I loved their conversation and thought for a second he might just take her up on her offer to make it worth it for him to come over, and then accusing him of using his sexy voice. All of Stan's voices are sexy, Peggy. When you have a beard like that, all your voices sound hot.

That was one awkward dinner, but again it showed the division in the country towards Vietnam, the division about serving and not serving, and not just among the young, but these older men.

I thought it was good of Ted to help Don, and a nice way to call for a cease fire between them. Sylvia thanking Don was just hard to watch, and all I could think was please don't have them get back together, this woman will bring it all crashing down, because she's not exactly like all the other women he's been with, she has too much guilt inside, and if what happened at the end of the episode hadn't happened, I'm sure her guilt would have eaten at her and she would have confessed to her husband.

I was actually not surprised that Pete's mom was not sleeping with the nurse, but the mystery of Bob Benson has been solved. He's just in love with Peter Campbell, which means he has about as much sense as Peggy did in the first season about men. But how on earth, did he even think that Peter would go for it? Let's see how this one plays out for the rest of the season.

Um. how old is Sally? 13, maybe 14? and her friend is talking about going all the way. Um, no. Her portrayal of her embarrassment of being found out about having a crush on Mitchell was pretty spot on. When you're that age, you're pretty sure you will die if the boy you liked was to find out you liked him. She was sneaky getting the key from the doorman, but as soon as she grabbed that key I just knew it was going to get bad, and quickly.

and it did. Sally walked in on Don and Sylvia going at it, and again her future therapy bills pile up. What was that, Roger about not all surprises being bad? Suuuure.....

So now, for future reference, Sally has walked in on two sexual encounters- Roger and Marie in the Codfish ball episode and now this one.

What was that you were saying before about not really knowing your father, Sally? Do you really want to?

Also, Sylvia's punching the bed when they got caught was just ridiculous. Like a wailing Italian widow.

That dinner was so uncomfortable and Sally's outburst was long overdue. Megan saying Don was such a sweet man, no he is a frustrating man, who does nice things like that, but then consistently cheats on everyone who loves him.  Don having that meltdown was amazing acting by Jon Hamm. He tries to talk to Sally, but she doesn't open the door to him, and he closes the door when he reaches the end of the hallway, their relationship is changing again, and then it all goes to black..

Thoughts on this episode?

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