Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 9 Recap "The Better Half"

Mad Men tonight felt packed with events and I really enjoyed the episode. Shall we get right into it?

Random Thoughts As I Watched the Episode

Ah, the age old question continues, what is better margarine or butter? Hmm...let's get Peggy in here to pick sides in our little tug of war, then blast her out when she doesn't take your side, Don.

For as far as Peggy has come, certain men in the office definitely don't respect her, Peter's comment to Harry asking him if he was suddenly dumber than Peggy. Nice, Pete, real nice.

Megan's whole outfit in her soap scene was ridiculous. A red lace jumpsuit?Ugh, no and that wig is just horrific. 

Peggy's great line -"He's interested in the idea, you're interested in your idea." New Peggy has no qualms about telling Don off and telling him exactly how selfish he is, I keep expecting him to really just insult her like he used to, but he hasn't yet. He just looks at her stunned all the time probably wondering where the heck quivering little Peggy with her peter pan collars and ponytail went....

Oh hello Betty. You are looking fabulous in that yellow outfit, the man coming up to her while she waited reminded me very much of how Henry arrived on the scene hitting on her when she was pregnant with Gene. Betty loves the attention she is getting ahead, and needs an ego boost asking the guy if she looks like she has given birth to three children. For the record Betty- no you do not-but your hair is looking a tad bit on the ridiculous side and probably wouldn't move if you went through a wind tunnel.

Oh yes, Abe. You are ridiculous and dumb. We get it, you are so above everyone else with your morals, that you come off being a complete and utter jerk. Peggy tries to work with him about being stabbed and love her snarky comment about how she was brought to the west side by him.

Megan is in jeans- how far we have come from Betty being fully dressed from dinner- now Megan greets him in a tank top and jeans. Society is moving in a very casual direction. I'm not sure but she may be the first female we've seen on the show wearing jeans. 

I like how they had all the noise from the city in the apartment, the constant sound of the police sirens again noting how dangerous NYC was in 1968.

So Henry is jealous? Nope. just turned on, and he and Betty get it on in the limo. 

Joan may have had the funniest line of the night when Roger told her he was taking his grandson out to the movies and the zoo, "Oh so it's just a regular workday?" 

Couldn't help but think what people would say if Roger ever held Kevin up to his face, like when he put his grandson's face up against his and asked if they looked alike. 

Margaret definitely gave the side eye to Joan.

Eck. Duck and Peter in a room together, an apartment that was solely bought for cheating. The room just got sleazier, can't stand Duck.

Pete's response to a job opening in Witchita, "Anything back here on earth?" haha.

But who knew Duck would have some wisdom in him telling Peter to get his life and family back in order because that is his true source of his confidence. Peter's life is falling apart between moving out of his home and his mother being sick.

Ted is in love with Peggy. Called it. 

Don checking out Betty? Of course, she's not his anymore, he wants his toy back.  

I thought it was actually really cute when Betty was singing the song with Bobby- an actual maternal scene, and not sure if we would have seen it a few years ago with her constant annoyance at her children who she blamed for being stuck. She's in a happier place now, and no longer takes her frustration out on her kids.

As soon  as Don saw Betty acting all maternal I knew they were going to sleep together. Acting like a mother is one of Don's biggest turn ons.  Didn't Megan pretty much seal the deal of an engagement once she was calm about the kids spilling the milkshake. He has such mommy issues (among other things). But overall this was a really cute scene of the three of them together, and possibly one of the only times they have acted like a family unit. 

Back to the office with Pete asking Joan for some help and ending with Peter actually thanking someone (Joan) for their help. Wow, words you don't often hear come out of that mouth without sarcasm.

Traveling back to the camp once more, Don and Betty reminiscence and the differences in their childhood become apparent as Betty went to camps all summer and we know Don was too busy hanging out with hookers at brothels during his childhood.  Talking about your past with an ex is never a good idea-especially memories of making their first child......

Betty is loving the attention, and I'm sure it was very satisfying to her to have the upper hand in this situation, and know that she had one over Megan. She still needs her ego boost- and can't help but ask Don what he thought when he saw her again.

Who knew Betty would have such pearls of wisdom telling Don that she knows she can only have his attention for so long and then saying of Megan, "That poor girl- she doesn't know that loving you is the worst way to your heart." Betty nailed that one on the head.

Don wakes up alone,  and is quickly put in his place when he sees Henry and Betty eating breakfast together. Laughing and talking and having true intimacy, and he just gets to sit by himself in the corner-alone.

Margaret calling Roger to ream him out for taking her son to see Planet  of the Apes and now having nightmares  and when he tells her that Don took Bobby she was quick to snap oh Don Draper- father of the year. This will be Don Draper years from now being blasted by Sally for taking her child someplace inappropriate. 

"We'll probably have to get rid of the dog- he's that afraid of fur!" - Margaret

So Bob Benson is now part of Joan's life. She looks really  happy. Let's hope he's not a creep, she deserves something good after Greg. Of course Roger has to show up and almost ruin it, not sure if Bob bought the whole Roger explanation for him being there.

At first, I felt bad that Peggy stabbed Abe, but then what he said to her in the ride over in the ambulance that her activities were offensive to my every waking moment and that she'll always be the enemy (because she's in advertising) I pretty much hoped she would lean over and stick the knife in deeper.  What a jerk, he obviously didn't have objections to her activities bringing in cash and money to support them.  He only added to being a complete and utter jerk by saying their break up would be a great ending to his article. Good riddance, you are better off without him, Peggy- feel free to cry it out on Stan's beard.

Megan is just hanging out on the balcony in her underwear and her and Don has a semi heart to heart. He doesn't really open up, but who knows, maybe it will be better for a little while. We know Don can't really do long term.

Joan telling Roger that she can't count on him, women in this episode were really opening up and calling out their male counterparts on things. 

I thought for sure Bob was going to go to Peter and say something about Roger and Joan. But he didn't- so does he like Joan? He could have added fuel to that rumor, but instead went in to help Pete with his mother which we know was for selfish reasons, but he made sure to not have Peter get mad about Joan over saying anything. Can't figure that guy out!

Poor Peggy- rejected by Abe and now Ted- if the writers can indulge us in having Don and Betty sleep together again (which wasn't a huge shock) they can indulge us in Peggy and Stan getting together and making it work. 

So that's it folks. What did everyone else think of the episode? Anyone else have that Abraham song stuck in their head????

Clothes That I Want In My Closet

Peggy's cute little white hat. 
Peggy's polka dot dress
Her very fabulous red and white polka dot top 
Joan's purple dress
Megan's hair scarf
Joan's little beach outfit


  1. Sorry, but your comment on Pete/Harry's conversation is bass-ackward. It should actually read:
    "...Harry's comment to Pete asking him if he was suddenly dumber than Peggy. Nice, Harry, real nice."