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Mad Men Season 6 Episode 7 Recap "A Man With A Plan"

Okay Mad Men is on. Sorry this is late in posting.

Last week's episode was definitely a curveball so lets see what happens this week.  A quick note before writing on this episode, when Don wrote the open letter dismissing cigarette clients going forward, Ted called his office pretending to be Bobby Kennedy as a joke.....and now we are in June 1968.......exactly.

Random Thoughts As I Watched the Episode
Oh Don.  He can't handle reality so of course he freaked out and couldn't hit the elevator  button fast enough when he heard Arnold and Sylvia fighting.  Grow up Man child.

Nice to see Peggy and Joan getting along so well. Although it must sting for Joan to show Peggy her office and not have her own change, but Joan is a partner and each will be showing off their power in their own right.  A Joan who knows her power and the new Peggy will be unstoppable in this office. That's the real merger in my books.

Loved Don's eye roll when Ted said groovy. Actually pretty much loved all of Don's expressions each time Ted opened his mouth, they are very different in character, very different bosses with different approaches to how to stimulate their employees. Old school meets new school, let's see how this plays out.

Her daughter in laws are Trudy and Judy, cracks me up every. single. time.

So Pete's dad obviously cheated quite a bit, and so its no wonder that the apple didn't fall far from  the tree, his mom is losing it. She was never very warm to begin with, so no wonder Pete is the way he is. People have some screwed up parents on this show and now Pete's life is falling apart even more.

Oh my goodness, I forgot about that guy getting fired and having a Jerry Maguire meltdown in the office.  lol "No Burt I'm letting you go again, no one fought for you." of course not, the guy is a total jerk.

I want that bed in that hotel.

I need you and nothing else will do. Oh Sylvia you played right into Don's neediness with that line.

"She's an excellent secretary she wouldn't tell me anything." a total callback to Peggy being told by Joan never to say anything and Peggy should know, she was an excellent secretary as well. She also knows that Don is probably out having a nooner.

"I just talked to Don."
"Black or white?" oh my word.

Ted said rap session, I just rolled my eyes for Don.

"I can talk about whatever I want." Sylvia is quite a bit stronger than she would appear.
Ugh. Don with his whole S&M fascination. We get it Don, you want to feel in control because ninety nine percent of the time, your life is spiraling.

I want Stan's mug. Is it Fire king?

Loved Ted calling Don out on his shit, there is going to be some major power struggles going on with this merger. But I just want one whole episode with Roger and new Roger (Harry Hamlin) drinking, flirting, traveling, and throwing out one liners.

Peter is such a hypocrite, I know we know this, but he was all about getting his father in law to do business with his company to help him out but he couldn't even help out his own brother.

"I have to eat something."
"Doesn't ice count?" ha!

Joan is sick, this freaked me out a bit at first, and the scene in the emergency room reminded me of Don and Joan sitting in the ER waiting after that guy got his foot cut off by the lawnmover. She was also wearing green in that episode.

Okay so Bob- creepy? yay or nay? I can't decide. On one hand,he's definitely been creeping on everyone lately, but there is no way he could have planned to walk by and have Joan be sick. That was actually really nice how he handled it, and how he got Joan into the doctors. Jury is still out on him. I thought Henry was creepy and he actually turned out to be the best thing for Betty. It was sweet that he brought over the present for Joan and check in on her.

Ted is drunk, and Peggy is pissed.

"I'm voting for Nixon."
"What's wrong you? Don't you have any hope?"

I love how Ted summed up Don.
"He's mysterious he doesn't talk for long stretches and then hes incredibly eloquent." or full of crap.

Quite possibly one of the best lines this season:
"If I wait patiently by the river the body of my enemy will float by"

"Move forward." You tell him Peggy. Isn't that very much what he told her after her pregnancy?

Ted you are rocking the heck out of those sunglasses, and are in complete control of a situation where Don is not. Don looking uncomfortable reminded me of him telling Peggy the story in the suitcase about the guy freaking out on the plane over to Korea, "Man was not meant to fly!"

"honestly Joan,  every good deed is not part of a plan." uh oh. Possibly not, but sometimes that one action can be your savior. But there goes my radar going off again about Bob.....

Pete is funny again this episode!
"My mother can go to hell! Ted Chaugh can fly her there!"

"It's easy to give up something when you're satisfied. No, it's easy to give up something when you're ashamed." Sylvia and her religion won out again.

That was a nice move, Joan saving Bob's job, but I don't think it was calculated on his part, he just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Megan is trying hard to save her marriage, don't bother Megan. Save yourself.

I liked how they had Peter's mother wake him up in the middle of the night and tell him that they shot that poor Kennedy boy, and Peter thinking that because she is losing her mind, she meant JFK and told her that was years ago. It just adds to the confusion of the era and people thinking history was repeating itself.

"I don't understand what's going on. They're shooting everybody." Peter's mother pretty much summed up this whole season, a time of complete and utter confusion.

Don looks like he is completely checking out at this point.

Clothes That I Want In My Closet
Sylvia's yellow dress and that matching coat.
Sylvia's red dress
Her Black bag
Joan's scarf and green coat.

Best Roger Sterling Line's of the Night

"Damnit Burt you stole my goodbye." After Burt called him a prick.

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