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Mad Men Recap Season 6 Episode 6 "For Immediate Release" Episode Recap

Mad Men! 

Random Thoughts As I Watched the Episode

Joan's hair looks fabulous down- one of the few times we've seen it this way, her bangs are looking very seventies.

Pete looks like Mr. Rogers- a very creepy Mr. Rogers.

Trudy that nightgown is over the top. As in Elizabeth Taylor over the top.  She did not give in to sleeping with Pete.

Julia Ormond is back, love her. Giving away her flowers, haha and complaining about being called a grandma.

Looks like Peggy got her place, and isn't exactly thrilled about where she is living. At all.

"I'm tired of rockets, that's all" - The space age trend was pushed really hard in the fifties and sixties, I'd be getting over it too by then.

Ted is wearing a Peggy color, that golden tone.

"Everybody loves astronauts" so very true in 1968.

Pete being funny? "We don't have any laudanum either." haha

I love Marie, oh wait, I already said that, but her advice to Megan about what to wear to the dinner.

Don- "I love puppies." hahaha

Megan is wearing her signature gold metallic look again.

I love that Don finally gave it to Herb, he hated him from the start and I know some of that disgust stems from what transpired between Herb and Joan.

"She is the apple that goes in the pig's mouth"- Marie on Herb's wife. I'd be drinking the whole bottle of wine too that night if I had to sit through a dinner like that.

That guy Bob is still climbing the creep factor ladder. "I'd like to pay for my friend" eww gross. Of course he would then use it to hold it over Pete.

oh, my. god. Pete's father in law.

"It's mutually shared destruction, that's why I don't worry about the bomb" Ken the voice of reason.

"Don't act like you have a plan. You're tarzan swinging from vine to vine" Pete on Don.

"just once I would like you to use the word we." You tell him Joan. Don thought that this would make him the knight that saves the day, giving it to Herb, instead it makes her wonder what it all was worth, since it was just thrown away. I'm glad she didn't keep her mouth shut and spoke out like an equal partner.

"It's one thing to want something, its another thing to need it" Ted to Peggy and then they kiss. Called it.

Andy is now interested, as soon as he heard it was Chevy 1968 he was on the hunt to discover what it was.

"I don't believe in fate, you make your own opportunities," - with the doctor having quit his job, will he be home for a bit, and mess with Don's affair. No Sylvia this episode.

"Anybody have a cough drop?" oh no. Vicks.

Oh damn, Pete underestimated his father in law. I knew he would do something to Peter, its one thing for him to do it, but for Pete to do it to his daughter, no way would that fly. That is one set of parents who dote on their daughter.

"You have no business being a father."

"You can either walk out like a man, or I can have you thrown out like the low life that you are." Burn, and Burn.

"I don't like change, I want everything to stay as  it was" yes Peggy, and so does everybody else on this show and obviously you don't want to change by constantly getting involved with the wrong men.

"Giving away creative one car at a time"

Combining agencies

"You had lots of choices Peter. We're done, get your things." Stand tall Trudy, stand tall.

Peggy is in shock. Peggy and Don working together again. Will he respect her new authority?

May 17th 1968- next month is Robert Kennedy's assassination.

Looking forward to the next episode and the adjustment of the two firms converging. Nice way to mix up the season.

Outfits that I Want in My Closet

Marie's black dress
Joan's emerald dress. Stunning color on her. 

Best Roger Lines of the Night

"My mother just died" - to get the girl back in bed. 

"I closed Pete. That's cause I close things" To Pete after getting the Chevy deal. 

"Daisy's gonna lose their luggage." haha

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