Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Julep Style Maven Box Review- Classic With a Twist

Welcome Maven!

I will admit- nail polish is not really my thing. I know for some people, they just love it- but I never have been one to worry about my nails or get them done. However, when I see something for FREE you can't help but stop to check it out.

Julep is a monthly subscription service that costs $19.99 a month. Each month you are given three full sized products and the website claims they are valued at up to $50.00. Also included in the box each month may be a small cosmetic surprise as well as twenty percent off on everything in their online store. Awhile back I had gotten a coupon to get a free box, and finally got around to ordering myself one. I figured that if I didn't like what the box had to offer, I could just give it to my mom or sister or aunt or many friends who love doing their nails.

They have a quiz on the site for becoming a style maven, questions about your personal style, shopping, etc and then they formulate which profile fits you. Each month on the 20th, they will email you that month's selection for that particular style profile and you can either opt out or change which box you want simply by logging in. So you're not locked into just getting that one styled box each month. Honestly, I took the quiz a few times before deciding on the box that I liked the most, which for that month was Classic With a Twist.

So shall we check out the box?

My profile style was Classic with a Twist - which according to them meant "an elegant beauty with a timeless  aesthetic, you bring your natural palette to life with sophisticated textures, patterns, and splashes of color." Why yes, Julep, thank you, I do. haha.

The first thing that I pulled out of the box was actually not a nail polish but an instant warming foot scrub. This actually was a perfect fit for a nail polish box and a nice little surprise. I tried it the other day, and loved it, my feet felt so smooth afterwards! They are on their way to being summer ready.

the brush 

Next up was the mascara, which was kinda odd for a nail polish box. It would make more sense to do foot or hand creams. But free mascara is still free mascara, and this is one great mascara. I tried it tonight when the husband and I went to get frozen yogurt on our mini date and will be ordering this. It's not a heavy mascara, in fact, its quite light, but it would be perfect for day use. The brush does not have thick bristles and  have quite a bit of space between each one, so it separated the lashes nicely, and kept clumping at bay. It accentuated the lashes without looking like a heavily done up eye.


Oh, so there is nail polish in this baby. This was one RED nail polish, a little too red for me. People always seem to think that because I am pale, I can pull off that red, but it was just too much for me. I'm pale, but that vintage red/orange does nothing for me. I have to have more purples and blues in my red tones. My mom will be getting this when she comes to visit in July. She will love it.

pretty fabulous. 

I am in love with this shade. In love with it. It looks like champagne here, but its actually more of a pale pink chiffon color. It's very pretty and elegant and would be perfect for a day or night look. I'm most likely going to save this for a wedding we have this summer. It's stunning.

Okay so actually this was not free or included in this style maven box profile. When you go to check out, they of course try to get you to buy SOMETHING and a pop up came up that had different nail polish shades for three or four dollars. I saw this emerald shade and had to have it. It's actually more of a dark teal with some green in it, but its very fun! I can't wait to wear it this summer with some cute sundresses.

So overall, everything here I was only charged six dollars due to the nail polish that they got me to buy in the end. But how fabulous is that? Mascara, three nail polishes, and a free foot scrub all for six dollars.

I won't be continuing on with my subscription because twenty dollars a month for nail polish for me is just not worth it since I don't wear it enough. But for any nail polish fiends out there, you may want to check it out and let me know what you think!

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