Monday, May 13, 2013

May 2013 Ipsy Sample Bag Review

So my May bag has arrived! It showed up at the house on Saturday and I was so happy to see that over the top bright pink envelope in my mailbox before heading off into work. I've noticed that this month, Ipsy has started to send out different bags and not just in a nail or lip color.

Let's get right to it!

adorable chevron

First, let's start with the bag. Adorable, right? I love the chevron print, and have noticed that Ipsy has really listened to their customers who have been asking for more fun prints, than just plain solids. Chevron had been another print that people had been requesting on facebook, so it's great that they took their input. The blue and orange look cute together and make for a fun summer bag. Definitely taking this on my trip to Houston next month.

Yaby Concealer Refill- Okay, saw this and was very excited! I finally got a concealer in an Ipsy bag that I could actually use! A few reviews back when I had been discussing the pros and cons of the various bags, I noted that they never seemed to listen to people's beauty profiles, so I was always getting colors for darker skin tones. Now, I doubt that they started listening, and I'm sure this is more of an amazing fluke, but I'll take it. Adorable little concealer, that will be great for travel. According to their website, the concealer is highly pigmented and vegan friendly. This was valued at $4.95.

a color I can use!

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss- I love that Ipsy has teamed up with Juice Beauty since I've been so curious to try their products. This was a full size gloss valued at $15.00 so it paid for the bag in itself. When I first took the color out, I thought that Ipsy had sent me another color that would look horrible on me since it looked quite brown, but its actually quite sheer, and really pretty. I loved how it looked, wasn't sticky, and glided on easily.

More Mirabella!
Mirabella Lip Lustre Lip Liner- More Mirabella! Love Mirabella products, but my wallet does not. In December, Ipsy sent out in their bag a Mirabella primer that is absolutely amazing, so soft and smooth, but expensive at $30.00! So I've been rationing it, and was excited to see another product from their line, and a full size one! This was valued at $18.00 and came in the color "Charming" which looked very orange. I was skeptical at first, but tried the color out with one of my lipsticks and loved it. Glided on really smoothly, easy to apply, and it lasted.

didn't even finish it since I didn't want to waste it.

Zoya Nail Polish- This was another full size, and the color was blu (yes blu). It is a very pretty color, BUT as you can see from the pic above does nothing for my skin. So my friend Crystal will be reaping the benefits of this little number and I told her she can have it, because she can pull off the color much better than I. The value for this was $8.00.

you are of no use to me.
St. Tropez One Night Only Instant Glow Body Lotion- So this will also be another giveaway most likely to my coworker who I gave the tanning sheets to the other day. I have no use or luck with glow lotions and always end up looking splotchy or something in the color wheel of an oompa loompa. This was not a full size but a deluxe sample that valued at around $7.00.

So overall,  I did like this bag, even if I will end up giving away two items, but that's no big deal to me, I'm glad someone will get some use out of it. The total value was this bag was around $52.00 not including the value of the cosmetic bag, so I have to say another great deal when you consider the price tag of $10.00.

What did everyone else think of the May Ipsy Sample Bag?

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