Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goodies Subscription Box May 2013 Review

I went ahead and kept my Goodies subscription. I loved the products last month and thought why not try one more month? My May box arrived on Friday afternoon and I meant to blog about it last night but then we went and discovered Defiance on Syfy and have been watching that in marathon form.

Shall we delve into the products????

California Olive Oil to Go- cute little packets of olive oil, which was nice for a little sample. Curious to try this when I cook later this week, I just thought the little packets were cute. They sell little packets of this too- for all your olive oil needs on the go? Do people have olive oil needs on the go?

Bronco Bobs Mango Chipotle Sauce- haven't tried this in a cooking capacity yet, but tried a small taste when the box arrived. Delicious! This is going to taste amazing when we BBQ this summer. The mango flavor is light but there is a definite kick to it.

Numi Organic Tea Morracan Mint - one small sample of this, but again delicious. It was nice to have while watching old episodes of The Office last night.

Beanitos Chipotle BBQ Black Bean Chips- I am in love with these despite being a tad bit spicy for me. They  are incredible! My husband said their consistency reminded him of Pringles, either way- try them! Amazing! They had incredible flavor.

Kathy's Kitchen Super Seedz Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds- These were eh. They are gourmet pumpkin seeds, but really tasted no different or any better than just popping them in the oven yourself after carving the pumpkin. Not blow away by these "fancy" pumpkin seeds.

Coconut Water by Zico- As soon as I saw this in the box I know I made a disgusted face. I'm sorry- I just can't get on the whole coconut water bandwagon. I'm sure its very good for you, and there are lots of benefits to drinking  it, but the only thing I can liken it to is swallowing liquid vomit that you are trying to throw up. Does that paint enough of a picture for you? It's disgusting. I did try it again to see if I was being overly dramatic in my memory, but no- disgusting. Gross. We threw it out.

Dorval Trading Blue Raspberry Sour Power Straws- There were two flavors of these straws in the box. We fell in love with them because we are big fans of Sour Patch Kids at this house for our movie candy of choice. These are nice and sour but not overpowering and we liked the flavor.

Dorval Trading Pink Lemonade Sour Power Straws- Again delicious  but was confused why they were included in the box. Most of the products that we have received so far have been more on the natural, organic side and this just seemed like a random inclusion for a snack box that has gone more the healthy route. We did love the snacks, but it just seemed random.

More Free Stuff

Lastly, the box included a snack clip for bags and then a coupon for a free Wholly Guacamole product, I am a huge fan of their products so that was definitely a hit. Overall this box was received with some mixed reviews. Not as fun as the last box in terms of introducing products but still delicious.

What did everyone else think of their Goodies May 2013 Box????

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