Monday, May 6, 2013

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Oh Pinterest. You may just be the death of me. I see all your amazing things and think oh I could make that, and that and that, and oh wouldn't that just be so easy to whip up.

But I am no Martha Stewart so my zest for trying new baking projects sometimes never quite takes off the ground as much as  I would like. We are having a bake sale at work for the March of Dimes this week, and thought I could easily make three or four items. So I started looking for projects, and made the mistake of having my husband help who was consistent in saying no to many baked goods. His reasoning?

That he would be getting the leftovers or have to taste test stuff, so he wanted it to be something he would like.


So my first baked sale item was for this recipe which  I had pinned that said it was only a two ingredient pumpkin mix. Some of the recipes that I found with this whole two ingredient craze said to use just pumpkin and yellow cake, which I know isn't gross, but sounded gross. So I went with the spice cake and pumpkin option  since those two just seem to go together like fall and cider. Also- my husband is a big spice cake fan. Then since I couldn't seem to keep it simple (my husband seems to think I always have to be adding something to a recipe) I decided to add chocolate chips. That sounds good, right?

So here goes. Warning- this recipe is beyond easy, and yet I'm not quite sure it came out okay, the recipe said it will be super moist, but it looks REALLY moist. It could be the overuse of chocolate chips making it gooey.

Let's get started. Here are the ingredients- spice cake, canned pumpkin, chocolate chips, and you will need water. Preheat the oven to 350F.

First, take the spice mix and throw it into a bowl.

Next, add the pumpkin.

Pumpkin. It smells good, but always looks kinda gross. 

Third, add 2/3 cup water. I know, this is hard, right? Last, add some chocolate chips, I think I did a little more than half a cup, probably should have been exactly half cup or a quarter cup. Like I said, this thing is looking gooey.  Mix it all up using a whisk.

Am I allowed to say that looks disgusting. oh come on, you were all thinking it. 
We are mixing fools. 

Then find some muffin cups. I used these very cute black and white damask ones that my husband bought me for our first anniversary (paper).


Scoop the mixture into the muffin tin, and then place into the oven. Cook for twenty five minutes.

Let's bake these babies. 

And that's it. You are done. I am going to have the husband try these in the morning, I'm not so sure about them yet, they smell really great, but look really soft. We shall see...fingers crossed......

Time for some gooey muffins. 

Tomorrow I will be making two more things for the bake sale. What they will be at this point is very much up in there air, I just know one will definitely be cake batter cookies.

UPDATE:  My husband woke me up this morning to say that the muffins are absolutely amazing. He loves them! We have a winner!

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