Monday, May 20, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 8 Recap "The Crash"

Well what can I even say? This was one weird episode, where no doubt people either loved it or hated it. I'm still not even sure how I feel about it at this point, and will no doubt be watching it again. 

Random Thoughts As I Watched the Episode

First thought: Don't kill Ken! Please don't kill Ken.

Phew. Ken is not dead, has a cane right now, but still gets yelled at for not winning over the clients and not doing his job well enough. I suppose if he had died, they would have still thought he didn't give it his all. 

Sylvia "I'm afraid of you." Gee Sylvia you didn't see it early how messed up this guy was? Don gets the shaft, he's not used to things not going his way, he always manages to come out on top. The guy seems to have nine lives. 

Oh damn. Old Betty is back and blonde. I love when Sally told her she had bought that short mini skirt her response was "On what street corner?"

Gleason is dead.

Interesting the first thing Don sees is Peggy comforting Ted. Peggy used to be his go to girl to lift his spirits, sleep on her lap, etc. 

"I  hate how dying makes saints out of everyone."  ouch. But true.

Ken dancing. Priceless.

Peggy nailed it with that dead pan response- "that was very inspiring" to Don's completely BS ramble that was supposed to rally the troops but really showed someone just high out of their mind.

The flashbacks are back. Do we need to see them? We get it- Don has a whore/Madonna obsession. Interesting to note that the prostitute is really the second person to ever be nice to Don- the other being the hobo. He finds comfort in society's outcasts yet works at a job selling the American dream and mainstreaming everyone.

Stan has 666 ideas. Number of the devil and nod to the Inferno from the first episode of the season.

"Does someone love me?" That's everyone's question. Yup Don, it is, you aren't special.

His face when she said it was broken meaning the stethoscope, and he thought she meant his heart.

Megan standing up to Don saying that her plans were just as important as his. Betty never would have pushed back.

This whole episode is so weird. I kept thinking is it a dream? Did it really happen? It reminded me of "The Fog" when Betty gave birth with the dream sequences.

STAN AND PEGGY KISS!!! Yes! She rebuffs him only slightly- "You're lucky I don't like beards." Oh Peggy, no, Stan's beard is AMAZING. Girl you are crazy.

Best advice from Peggy - "You have to let yourself feel. It will get you through things."  Maybe she isn't exactly like Don who has yet to deal with a single thing in his life.

Sally is reading Rosemary's Baby- she is way too young for that book and yet again we see the Devil pop up.

The whole Grandma Ida thing made me think it was a dream, and it made me really nervous and tense the whole time. Is she going to kill the kids? 

Back to the office- Peggy is playing babysitter and having none of it. Ginsberg announces he's wasting his Saturday with lunatics, and that pervy Roger lite (people keep calling him Roger's twin, but John Slattery has no equal and if he did it sure as hell wouldn't be Harry Hamlin)  is watching people have sex. More importantly we find out later, his recently deceased partner's daughter. Perv.

And old Betty is back again, looking fab in Don's apartment as she yells at him and calls him Trash. She's right, those kids should have never been alone. Love how she also managed to throw in his face Henry running for State Senate. 

"Sally seems so grownup but she's really still a kid." Exactly Megan, which is why you don't leave three children alone on a Saturday night in 1968 NYC. Forget the rest of the country, this episode touched upon once again how violent and scary NYC was in the 60's. 1968 being one of it's most volatile years (Mayor Lindsay even noted it was one of the worst years of his political career) from race riots, sanitation riots, teacher riots, etc. Then add in other events that touched the whole country, and 1968 was surely a year when people probably looked at one another and thought is the world going to end? What the hell is wrong with people?

Don called Sally. But first he tells her he's okay (alright I get it he did collapse) but love how its first about him, then checking to make sure his young daughter is okay after being robbed and basically held hostage by an old lady intruder who claimed to be his family.

"Then I realized I don't know anything about you."- out of the mouth of babes. No one knows anything about him Sally, get in line.

Don does take responsibility- well that's some growth.

Haha. Chevy is spelled wrong.

"Every time we get a car this place turns into a whorehouse." - Ouch Don. But true.

Lastly, random side note- the song playing when Don was being taken care of by the prostitute (in the 1930's) was Dream a Little Dream for Me which was  then later covered by the Mamas and the Papas who sang the ending song of this episode ("Words of Love").  So as much as things change, they stay the same?

Clothes That I Want In My Closet

Peggy's pillbox hat- sure its dated by 1968 but its adorable.

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